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India's heaviest baby was born weighing up to 13 pounds

 Core tip: according to the daily mail, a 13-pound baby boy was born in Rajasthan, India. He is the heaviest newborn in India and is called a "miracle baby" by doctors. A 13-pound baby boy was born in the Indian state of Rajasthan, the heaviest newborn in the country, the Daily Mail reported. The weight of a newborn in India is generally 6.6 pounds (about 6 Jin), but the size of the baby boy is too big to give birth normally. The hospital adopts the cesarean section to ensure the safety of the mother and child. Anamika Aggarwal, a midwife, said she had never delivered such a huge baby and that his weight may be related to his 220-pound diabetic mother. The baby boy was born with mild respiratory problems and has now returned to normal. Although the baby has no congenital abnormality, to ensure the safety of the mother and child, they still need to be observed in the hospital for a week before they can go home.

British mother's weight soars after 28 cans of Red Bull drink a day

Core tip: a British mother who had been drinking a lot of Red Bull drinks for a long time had her weight soared to 165 kg and suffered from blindness. According to the mirror on August 3, Luna supari, a woman in Northern Ireland, has been suffering from blindness and her weight has soared to 165 kg after drinking a lot of Red Bull drink for a long time . It is reported that Luna, 26, has three children, including one with special needs. When taking care of young children, she often drinks 28 cans of Red Bull. Although she often has a headache, she only takes painkillers to cope with it. Until one day, she suddenly found that she couldn't look up and couldn't see. According to the doctor's examination, this is temporary blindness caused by spontaneous intracranial hypertension, which is common in obese women, so she had to be hospitalized for 6 days. The doctor also told her that she would need to lose at least another 45 kg to improve her current condition. Now she doesn

Why can't your small belly go down all the time?

 Core tip: do you want to lose weight in 2016? Want to know what is right for you to lose weight?  "How to reduce the most effective small belly" is believed to be a problem that many people want to know. All kinds of weight loss methods have been tried, but the stubborn small belly is still "sticking to the" position, and there is no sign of retreat. How can you break through the embarrassing situation of repeated reduction and failure? In fact, a small belly can not be reduced, the truth is in you. 1. Lack of sleep We can usually find a phenomenon, that is, some people who lack sleep will be more prone to obesity, which also means that the lack of sleep time will directly lead to the increase of waist circumference and small belly. This is because when sleep is not enough, the brain will find the wrong signal, so that people will eat more, and it is not easy to digest, coupled with the slowing down of metabolism, which will cause a vicious circle. 2. Sedentary for

Aerobic exercise is more interesting than running in America

 Core tip: Sports physiologists believe that the human body is not suitable for training on the conveyor belt, or always repetitive movement. You are always on the treadmill, maybe you can try to change the way of exercise. Recently, the website of Prevention magazine introduced three new and interesting aerobic exercise methods. Sports physiologists believe that the human body is not suitable for training on a conveyor belt, or always repetitive movement. You are always on the treadmill, maybe you can try to change the way of exercise. Recently, the website of Prevention magazine introduced three new and interesting aerobic exercise methods. "Two in one" 55 exercise method Start with 1 squat and 10 push-ups, rest for 30 seconds; then do 2 squats and 9 push-ups, rest for 30 seconds; gradually increase the number of squats to 10, and reduce the number of push-ups to 1. At the end of the exercise, you have completed 55 times of each exercise method; at this time, you can not on

Netizens teach you how to thin parts easily

 Core tip: I used to dance. When I was in the group, the teacher of the professional class would tell us some skills of slimming. For the thin abdomen, of course, it's sit-ups. If you only want to lose weight, you only need to do eight every day. Arm, chest, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, not satisfied with these parts? Let this netizen teach you the secret of this part: 1. Thin abdomen. I used to dance. When I was in the group, the teacher of the professional class would tell us some skills to lose weight. For the thin abdomen, of course, it's sit-ups. If you only want to lose weight, you only need to do eight every day. But stick to it. It's a long-term effect. If you want to have muscles in your abdomen, do more every day. What's more, this sits up is not very difficult. You just lie flat on the mat, bend your legs (the soles of your feet step on the mat), and bend your arms in front of your chest. I believe all the eight sisters can stick to it every day~ Besides,

Is it better to lose weight in winter or summer?

 The schedule of weight loss will also affect the progress of weight loss. Is it better to lose weight in winter or summer? Let's talk about Is it better to lose weight in winter or summer? Many people think that it's hard to lose weight in cold winter, especially when it's near the first month. In fact, it's easier to lose weight in winter than in summer as long as you know the right way. Winter weight loss and summer weight loss which effect is good, seize the good opportunity to lose weight in winter Why it's easier to lose weight in winter than in summer: 1. Human beings are thermostatic animals, regardless of the external temperature, the human body temperature is usually maintained at about 36 degrees. Therefore, when the outside is cold, the human body will try to heat to ensure a constant temperature. Burning more fat to generate heat, that is, the body's basic metabolism should be accelerated. In summer, the external temperature is relatively high, the

Do you know the harm of slimming tea

 There are a lot of obese friends who will drink weight loss tea to lose weight , maybe at the beginning can play a certain role in weight loss, reflected in weight loss, but it is not difficult to find some side effects of the body. What is the harm of losing weight tea? Xiao Bian will show you. Slimming tea is a kind of tea drink with a certain formula for reducing fat, which can relieve bowel movement and reduce the fat in the abdomen. It is generally suitable for those friends with a large abdomen. Due to eating greasy food for a long time and lack of exercise, problems such as abdominal enlargement and excessive accumulation of fat will appear after a long time. However, diarrhea will appear when drinking slimming tea at the beginning, because This abdominal stool will be clean, so the weight will be reduced. But the harm of slimming tea can not be ignored, the following we do some summary for the harm of slimming tea, friends who do not understand this can see oh. 1、 Habitual dia

Is animal oil fatter than vegetable oil?

  In fact, it's not only easy to get fat by eating animal oil, but also easy to get fat by eating more vegetable oil. Vegetable oil and animal oil belong to the same category of lipids. Vegetable oil contains more unsaturated fatty acids, while animal oil contains more saturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids and cholesterol form esters, which are easy to deposit in arteries and form arteriosclerosis. In unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid is very important to the human body, it can not be synthesized in the body, must be taken from food, known as essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids play an important physiological role in the body. They are the components of the cell membrane and mitochondria. They are the raw materials for the synthesis of certain hormones and can promote growth and development. They are related to cholesterol metabolism and help to prevent coronary heart disease. So vegetable oil is better for the body than animal oil . It is based on this point

Milk heat, drink pure milk can fat?

 Milk is a common drink in life, but a friend who has lost weight will pay attention to milk calories. So the problem is, how many calories is a cup of milk? Nutritional value of milk Milk and its products are one of the important sources of protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B2 in the diet. Fresh milk is a kind of complex milk colloid mainly composed of water, fat, protein, lactose, minerals, and vitamins, in which the moisture content accounts for 86% ~ 90%, so its nutrient content is relatively low compared with other foods. The average specific gravity of milk is 1.032, which is related to the content of solid matter in milk. In addition to fat content, other components of milk are basically stable, so the specific gravity can be used as a simple index to evaluate the quality of fresh milk. Nutrition of milk Every 100 grams of milk contains 50 calories. The specific nutrient content is shown in the following table: Milk heat, drink pure milk can fat, th

How many jump rope is the best every day

 Skipping rope loses 30 poud a month. Many people think that they can lose weight in a month. In fact, it doesn't have to depend on their physique. Let's share the best rope skipping every day. Let's have a look. How many jump rope is the best every day Control of weight loss by rope skipping Beginner: 60-100 jumps per group. It was divided into 2-3 times with an interval of 1 minute. Normal: 400-500 jumps in each group. Two times, one minute apart. Suggestion: monitor heart rate and heart rate Rope skipping weight loss must pay attention to action essentials, long-term adherence to more effective. Although rope skipping is a good way to keep fit, it is easy to get hurt if you are not careful, so you should pay attention to the following items: 1. Rope skippers should wear high top shoes with a soft texture and lightweight to avoid ankle injury. The rope is moderate in thickness. Beginners usually use the hard rope but can change to the soft rope after proficiency. 3. Ch

Four kinds of slimming tea formula and efficacy

 In fact, many traditional Chinese medicines have a certain weight loss effect, common are balsam pear, hawthorn, job's tears, wolfberry, lotus leaf, and JiangBai. Usually, as long as do a good job in daily life with the work, can achieve a good weight loss effect. The specific important formula of slimming tea is as follows: Formula of Chinese herbal diet tea Formula 1 of fat reducing tea Raw materials: plantain seed, cassia seed, hawthorn, He Shou Wu, tangerine peel, licorice, trifoliate orange. Efficacy: it is said that this is an important formula of diet tea that Faye Wong likes. In that year, she took this prescription after giving birth to her child, and the effect was very good. Cassia seed has the effect of clearing liver, eyesight, and defecation. Plantain has the function of promoting water, clearing lungs, and eliminating phlegm. He Shou Wu Thunb can relieve constipation, moisten intestines and disinfect, while licorice can clear away heat and detoxify. Some patients wi

20 ways to make money online

  How to make money on the Internet Many people know that the network can make money, but how to use the network to make money, how to make money , many people are not very clear. The following is to discuss with you how to make money online: 1.Make websites, make traffic and earn advertising fees Make a website by yourself. When the website has a certain number of visits, sell advertising space, play Google Adsense ads, and get advertising fees. Of course, this is the most mainstream and common way. However, participants need to have certain technical knowledge and operational experience. Otherwise, even if the website is built, there is no traffic, and there is no way to earn advertising fees. 2.Make websites and sell products Make a product website and sell products on the website. Products can be their own or can be sold to other companies. This way belongs to e-commerce, can be said to have the most development potential. However, this method requires higher technology and experie

The cherry tomatoes diet loses 8 pounds in three days

Cherry tomatoes are very rich in nutritional value, sweet and sour taste delicious, juicy, often eat can beauty. But recently, some people said that they gained 3 pounds by eating cherry tomatoes. In fact, there are many reasons for obesity, not necessarily caused by eating cherry tomatoes. And cherry tomato is a certain effect of weight loss, let's talk about this cherry tomatoes diet three days thin 8 pounds story. The cherry tomatoes diet loses 8 pounds in three days Cherry tomatoes have a certain effect of reducing weight, but the effect varies from person to person, as to lose 8 pounds in 3 days, it is not very realistic actually, match other motion nevertheless also is possible. How cherry tomatoes loses weight 1. Cherry tomatoes are rich in pectin and other food fiber, which not only makes people feel full easily but also adsorbs the excess fat inside the body and gets it out of the body. 2. Red solanine in cherry tomatoes can reduce calorie intake, reduce fat accumulation,

Is obesity related to genes

 "There is a certain correlation between obesity and heredity . Obesity is divided into simple obesity and secondary obesity. And genetic related is simple obesity, this part of patients will have a certain family genetic history. Even if obesity is a disease, there is no genetic factor. If the patient does not have a family genetic history but does not have a healthy lifestyle, diet structure, work, and rest habits, the probability of obesity in the future is also very large. Obesity is very harmful to the human body. Obesity is already a metabolic disease. It will also promote the development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the future. Many obese patients already have other metabolic diseases, such as dyslipidemia, diabetes, hyperuricemia, and so on. So, make sure you have a good lifestyle to avoid obesity. "

Does a high protein diet help you lose weight? The truth is here!

 Editor's note: many people want to control their weight and even lose weight. They dare not eat this or that. Some people just eat vegetarians, while others don't eat any starch. All of these are impossible. So, how can we lose weight scientifically? Is a high protein diet helps to lose weight? Liu Cuibing, a technician in charge of the Clinical Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, introduced that for obese people, the principle of the diet is a balanced diet based on the control of total energy intake. In general, the daily energy intake should be reduced by 300-500kcal, the intake of fat and oil should be strictly controlled, and the white rice flour and meat should be appropriately controlled to ensure the intake of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. However, a high protein diet is also a good choice for some obese people, such as those with high triglycerides and high and low-density lipoprotein, and those who

What staple food is easy to get fat?

 Core tip: with the development of the economy, people's living standards are constantly improving, and the food on the table is becoming more and more abundant. Staple food has evolved into different patterns from simple rice and noodles. However, if you eat too much staple food, it is easy to lead to obesity. Excessive obesity will not only cause people's distress in appearance but also affect their health, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as "three high". Now with the development of the economy, people's living standards are constantly improving, and the food on the table is becoming more and more abundant. The main food has evolved into different patterns from simple rice and noodles. However, if you eat too much staple food, it is easy to lead to obesity. Excessive obesity will not only cause people's distress in appearance but also affect their health, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as "three h

One week bitter gourd diet

Core tips: balsam pear heat detoxification and weight loss effect is good, the most suitable for a summer diet. But bitter gourd taste slightly bitter, how to do to taste delicious and lose weight? The following small recommended a week bitter gourd diet, a daily bitter gourd delicious, let you quickly become thin. Balsam pear is a popular summer weight loss vegetables, balsam pear low calorie, every 100g of balsam pear only 18 calories, and balsam pear contain Momordica charantia, which is very beneficial to reduce fat. In addition to good weight loss effect, balsam pear also has the effect of reducing fire, detumescence,, and detoxification, which is very suitable for summer. Below, Xiaobian recommends a week of bitter gourd diet, a daily bitter gourd delicious, want to not thin is very difficult. Monday: balsam pear mixed with kelp sprouts Materials: balsam pear 250g, kelp sprout 5g, Hefeng soy sauce 1 tbsp, pepper powder a little. Methods: soak kelp sprouts, drain; remove seeds and

How to lose weight fastest at 12 years old

 I am in junior high school, but the students said that I am very fat, I want to lose weight, but do not know how to lose weight the fastest, how to lose weight at 12 years old? The best way to lose weight at 12 is to exercise. The first is to run in place, choose an open space indoors or in the corridor, and run barefoot in place for about 15 minutes every day. After that, going up and down stairs three or four times a week for 30 minutes can burn about 400 calories and strengthen the muscles of the legs, thighs and thighs. The third is walking. Walking at a speed of 4.8 km / h for about 45 minutes after meals will result in a rapid heat consumption. In addition, if you can walk again 2-3 hours after meals, the effect will be better. The fourth is to practice yoga. The ancient fitness method from India, 3 to 4 times a week, can not only strengthen muscles, increase toughness and flexibility, but also maintain a slim body. 5. Dancing, singing and dancing, 3 to 4 times a week, is also o

Relationship between abdominal obesity and heart disease

 Obesity is an indirect cause of heart disease because obese people are more likely to have diabetes , high blood pressure , and high cholesterol diseases, all of which are related to heart disease. More than ten years of medical research has shown that the accumulation of fat in the belly (central obesity) is directly related to heart disease. Central obesity can have adverse effects on health. The cardiologist of Hong Kong Hong hospital explained that intra abdominal fat (IAA) is different from subcutaneous fat. It can produce some chemicals to change the following hormones 1. Angiotensin is secreted: it causes vasoconstriction and increases blood pressure. 2. Leptin failure: it is responsible for directing the brain temeritiesto to control the stomach. If it loses normal movement, it will not feel full and then overeat. 3. Adiponectin (adiponectin) decline: lead to insulin failure, high blood sugar, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (commonly known as good cholesterol) and bad c

Six ways to lose weight in traditional Chinese Medicine

 Friends who have weight loss experience know that there are various ways to lose weight, some of which can be said to be exotic. It's not safe to take weight-loss drugs, and you can't insist on losing weight through exercise. So, why don't you try traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight? The following small series for you to introduce six ways of losing weight in TCM, you can try it. What is TCM weight loss? Modern medicine believes that simple obesity is often accompanied by an endocrine disorder. Various hormones, especially insulin, sex hormone, adrenal cortical hormone, and leptin, can be regulated by acupuncture to make it normal; On the other hand, according to TCM syndrome differentiation, obesity is mainly related to the function of the liver, spleen, and kidney. Acupuncture can regulate the viscera and restore the function of the liver, spleen, and kidney to normal. 1、 Method of harmonizing the stomach and eliminating fat The body is too fat, most of the reaso

Mom can lose weight by lying on her stomach and feet

 My mother has a little meat. Recently she is losing weight. He is lying on his stomach. Can this way really play a role in losing weight? You can lose weight by lying on your stomach. Many mothers give birth to a baby, the body shape will change, and the abdomen will have fat, most mothers will be concerned about their own fat abdomen, whether there is a way to lose weight, postpartum appropriate for the abdomen to do weight-loss exercises, for young mothers who have given birth to a baby is very good, so doing abdominal weight-loss exercises at home is the most effective way to lose weight for postpartum obesity. Generally speaking, abdominal weight-loss exercise is not lying down or lying on the stomach. It is not convenient to do it during the day, but it is most appropriate to do it before going to bed or getting up. Get up in the morning to lose weight exercise, you can quickly enter the state of burning fat, weight loss effect is the best. Suggestions: moderate exercise with s

Can you eat grilled fish during weight loss

 I've been losing weight recently. For a while, my mouth is very greedy. I want to eat grilled fish, but it's a little tangled. Can I eat grilled fish during my weight loss ? You can eat grilled fish during weight loss. The caloric value of roasted fish is not very high. The caloric content of every 100g roasted fish is about 194 kcal. Roast fish is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates, and so on. Regular consumption of grilled fish can supplement nutrition, calcium, and promote physical development. During the period of weight loss, you can also eat a proper amount of roasted fish. During the production process, the water will be lost and the proportion of high-quality protein will increase. However, it should be noted that in the process of roasting fish, edible oil should be put as little as possible to avoid the increase of fat content. It is suggested that people who lose weight should keep good sleep quality when they lose weight, because if the sleep q

How does the person of puffiness reduce weight best

 Core clew: the person that wants to reduce weight, want to make clear oneself belong to what type above all, puffiness and true fat have distinction, method reducing weight is different also, so how is the person of puffiness after all reducing weight just the best? Today xiaobian take you to understand under the weight loss. As one of the most common symptoms of sub-health, puffiness is one of the most common human conditions, and has a large room to rise. With the improvement of life quality and the increase of survival pressure, this proportion will be higher and higher. Puffiness refers to muscle looseness, fat prolapse, gently patting shake feeling. Fat is easy to burn, and do not exercise more, drugs to reduce weight to be able to get success is more cases of puffiness. At the same time, the odds of a rebound are mostly in the proportion of overweight. How to judge oneself is that kind of fat? The characteristics of puffiness I don't eat much. I don't eat much. 2. The bo

What circumstances do obese people encounter to measure blood sugar

 Core tip : For obese people, it is very easy to develop diabetes. In order to get timely treatment, if obese people encounter the following conditions, i t is best to test the following blood sugar. As we all know, obesity is an important risk factor for diabetes. If other adverse events occur at the same time, it is likely to indicate that the blood sugar problem has occurred. PLA general hospital endocrinology division director mother Yiming professor introduces, when obese people encounter the following health problems, it is best to go to a regular hospital to measure blood sugar Catch a cold frequently. Diabetes is a kind of endocrine and metabolic disease, which is inextricably linked with immune function. If the immune system of obese people is weakened, often catch a cold, and recover more slowly than others, it is likely to indicate that the endocrine metabolic system has been unable to function normally. Snore every day. This is a hallmark of obstructive sleep apnea. Overall

Weight loss method suitable for 16-year-old high school students

"The fastest and most effective way for high school students to lose weight is to control the total calorie intake. An ordinary person needs about 1500 kcal of total calories every day. If you want to lose weight the fastest, you just shut up and reduce the intake of total calories. If you control the total calories within 1200kcal or even 800Kcal every day, you can lose weight quickly and effectively. Try to eat less white rice and noodles, eat less fried food, less processed desserts, less processed meat products, and then pay attention to increasing exercise. You can do resistance exercise and aerobic exercise, such as running for more than 30 minutes every day, or doing resistance exercises such as treadmill support and push-ups every day, which can effectively increase energy consumption. Through these two efforts to reduce energy intake, increase energy consumption, can quickly and effectively lose weight

Does taro grow fat or lose weight

 I like to eat taro very much, eat two almost every day, but hear someone to say to eat to grow fast, some say to eat to reduce weight gain, again not firm the heart quit taro, want to ask next taro after all is gain fat still those who reduce weight? Taro weight loss or gain fat to see the amount of food. Taro contains a lot of fiber, and fiber promotes the movement of the intestine to help food digest while achieving the effect of weight loss. Moreover, the fat content in every 100g of taro is only 0.2g, but the dietary fiber reaches 1g and has 56 calories, which means that the body will not increase the fat content when meeting the body's needs. Note that taro also contains a large amount of starch, the consumption of taro is not too much, otherwise the starch is easily converted into sugar and stored in the human body. If you don't burn it off in time, it will turn into fat, which will not only fail to achieve the desired effect of weight loss but also may become fat. Sugge

What can I eat for dinner to lose weight? Don't just eat fruit

 Mm in weight loss has such trouble, do you want to eat dinner? If you eat, you're afraid of getting fat, and if you don't eat, you're hungry. What can you eat at night to lose weight? Let's share with you how to eat a diet dinner. What to eat for dinner to lose weight and not be hungry: The dinner-only contains a small amount of carbon water, vegetables, and fruits, a small amount of high-quality fat, high fiber food to supplement nutrition, enhance the sense of fullness, to achieve the goal of weight loss and satiety. For general women, coarse grain (50g effect) + vegetables 200g (or apple, pear) + meat 50-80g, dinner will not be the fat and full stomach. Coarse food for dinner can help you lose weight and not be hungry You can choose the staple food: sweet potato, potato, yam, taro, corn, oatmeal, and so on. For women with low activity, 50 grams of staple food is enough. If you are tired during the day, you can add dozens of grams of staple food. Many people think th

Can you eat seaweed to lose weight

 Because the appetite has been very good, so it has been very difficult to lose weight . Now exercise can keep up with it. I don't know which dishes can be eaten. Can I eat seaweed dishes to lose weight ? Trehalose can be eaten when you lose weight , but you can't just eat trehalose to lose weight. Trehalose contains a lot of trace elements and minerals, which have a certain effect on health. However, weight loss is not only dependent on what kind of food can do, need to develop a complete set of programs according to individual conditions. First of all, we should control our diet. We should eat three meals a day regularly and quantitatively. We can't skip breakfast, overeat, eat high calorie, and high sugar food. We can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise more at the same time. Suggestion: when you lose weight, you can eat some to relieve high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia, and you can also eat some cold seaweed when there is atherosclerosis. Weight loss

How fast effective thin face

 Oats: oats are low calorie foods. Eating them will increase your satiety. Banana: Banana helps intestines and stomach peristalsis, clean stomach. Cucumber: cucumber can clear intestines and stomach, detoxification. Wax gourd: wax gourd has the effect of clearing away heat, diuresis and edema. It is rich in vitamin C and potassium, with low sodium content. It is a very good natural diet for weight loss. Watermelon: watermelon taste good, water, low calorie, is a very good weight loss fruit. Tofu: contains a lot of high-quality protein, low calorie, satiety. Yogurt: clear intestines and stomach, suitable for two hours after a meal. Boiled water: drink plenty of water to promote metabolism, clear stomach and intestines, and eliminate toxins. It is a natural beauty and weight loss drink. Don't be too eager to lose weight. You need to develop good living habits and balanced nutrition. Meat should also be appropriate to eat, eat more white meat, eat less red meat, try not to drink, how

Can 30 minutes walk on an empty stomach in the morning lose weight

 I'm losing weight. I just go to work every day. Can I lose weight if I walk fast for an hour and a half on an empty stomach every morning? Long-term adherence to the morning fasting walk for 30 minutes can lose weight. If you walk fast for an hour and a half on an empty stomach every morning, the amount of exercise should be about the same. Besides, you should strictly control your diet. You should eat less greasy food and junk food. If you can strictly control your diet and exercise for an hour and a half every day, as long as you stick to it, weight loss should not be a problem. Suggestions: the healthy way to lose weight is to exercise and diet control, exercise to do, diet attention do not eat fried food, do not eat sweet food, do not eat drinks, eat 70% full, eat 50% at night, high sugar fruit to eat less, reduce carbohydrate intake, perseverance, the weight will soon drop, if not obvious for a long time, you can also choose medical beauty liposuction.

how to lose weight during quarantine?

 Now the whole country is fighting against the new coronavirus. Many people can only stay at home. Although there is no big fish and meat, they only eat and don't exercise. Some people who are prone to obesity may gain several pounds after being isolated for half a month. They are really very distressed. Because they can't go out for exercise in an extraordinary period, how can they get rid of the fat? Diet principles during weight loss 1. Eat less and eat more. During weight loss, you can choose to eat 3 to 5 times a day, but the amount of each time should be controlled and eat less. For example, the amount of food from the previous three meals is divided into five meals, and try to choose light food; 2. Weight loss needs to ensure the principle of adequate protein. In the daily diet, there must be a protein rich food, such as fish, beef or bean products; 3. The principle of eating more green vegetables. Green vegetables are rich in nutrients and low in calories, so they are t

Aerobics jump out of graceful figure

 Core tip: many women's envy of good figure people, all hope that they can also have a hot figure, can become the focus of attention. Now let's learn to let you highlight the fitness exercises around the circumference to help you shape a perfect body. 1、 [abdominal bodybuilding method] 1. Raising legs and abdomen: it mainly develops the lower abdominal muscles. Lie on your back with your legs straight as high as possible. Then put them down slowly and repeatedly. Bend your knees and do the same movement, the effect is better. 2. Sit ups: mainly exercise the upper abdominal muscles. Raise the upper body slowly, close the abdomen, and keep the head close to the knees as far as possible. When the upper body is tilted back, touch the board on the back. For people with exercise foundation, it is better to do it on the inclined board and abdominal muscle frame, which can fully back up and increase the difficulty of abdominal retraction. 3. Touch the toes alternately: lie on your back

Is diet yogurt reliable

 Question: acid diet, I have been very fat after giving birth to a child, some friends recommend yogurt weight loss method, I heard that you can lose six catties three days, excuse me, is yogurt weight loss method reliable? Is milk reliable? The doctor replied: it's not reliable. Yoghurt is produced by milk fermentation, which mainly contains lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria. In addition, the lactose composition in fermented milk is bacterial decomposition, and protein is precipitated due to acid production by bacteria. Therefore, the protein content in yogurt used by people will be higher than that in milk with the same volume. In the theory of weight loss, protein does not over stimulate insulin secretion and can produce satiety, so partial replacement of staple food with yogurt can reduce the body fat synthesis. However, it is still necessary to see according to personal physical reasons, because each person's physical fitness is different, so the

Eight most effective weight-loss exercises in the world

 A 12 minute freestyle consumes calories Short time and high calorie consumption of swimming exercise is the best choice to save time to lose weight. The same is swimming, freestyle exercise is relatively large, only 12 minutes can consume a lot of heat, try it! Walking 10000 steps a day can keep the body from reboundin g If you walk 10000 steps a day, you can lose 1kg in one month. In time, it's equivalent to walking two hours a day. You can walk 4 kilometers at a slightly faster speed. It is more effective to walk in the slope area such as steps. Stretching exercise, 7 seconds at a time, the best effect When doing stretching exercise, you should choose the amount of exercise suitable for yourself. Generally speaking, the best effect is achieved by holding about 7 seconds in a round. Through stretching exercise to lose weight, if give up halfway, will cause the opposite effect, so must insist! Jogging for more than 20 minutes will have an effect Aerobic exercise can fully burn the