Does a high protein diet help you lose weight? The truth is here!

 Editor's note: many people want to control their weight and even lose weight. They dare not eat this or that. Some people just eat vegetarians, while others don't eat any starch. All of these are impossible. So, how can we lose weight scientifically?

Is a high protein diet helps to lose weight?

Liu Cuibing, a technician in charge of the Clinical Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, introduced that for obese people, the principle of the diet is a balanced diet based on the control of total energy intake. In general, the daily energy intake should be reduced by 300-500kcal, the intake of fat and oil should be strictly controlled, and the white rice flour and meat should be appropriately controlled to ensure the intake of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

However, a high protein diet is also a good choice for some obese people, such as those with high triglycerides and high and low-density lipoprotein, and those who need to lose weight quickly in a short time due to obesity complications. A high protein diet also increases protein intake based on controlling total energy intake, generally reaching 1.2-1.4g/kg/d, or accounting for 20% - 30% of the daily energy intake.

So how does protein help us control our weight? First of all, protein can increase satiety and help reduce total energy intake. Protein can stimulate the release of some hormones to increase satiety. Protein itself can also delay gastric emptying, which helps to reduce energy intake. Whey protein, soybean protein, pea peptide, and wheat peptide had stronger satiety.

Secondly, a protein diet can increase energy consumption. Energy consumption of the human body is mainly used to maintain basic metabolism, physical activity, and food heat effect. Food heat effect refers to the additional energy consumption when eating food. The body uses this energy to digest, absorb, transport, and metabolize nutrients in food. Among them, protein has the largest food heat effect, accounting for 20% - 30%, while carbohydrate and fat only 5% - 10%. Therefore, a high protein diet can significantly increase the energy consumption of food heat effect.

Thirdly, adequate-protein intake can increase muscle mass and thus improve the basal metabolic rate. This is very important for people who are losing weight, because the general diet will cause a lot of muscle loss, resulting in a decline in the basal metabolic rate, which is more likely to lead to weight rebound. And for thin people, can also increase muscle mass and build up their physique. Of course, with a large number of healthy muscles, but also can increase the ability to consume fat exercise, and exercise to lose weight complement each other.

Finally, we should remind that for our Asian people, on the one hand, this high protein diet is not easy to adhere to, which is contrary to our eating habits. On the other hand, the high protein will increase the burden on the kidney. Therefore, a high protein diet is best used under the guidance of nutritionists, which will play a better role.

Tip: potatoes are good for dieters

Zhang Xiaoyan, former director of the Nutrition Department of Lianyungang maternal and child health care hospital in Jiangsu Province, said that potatoes are good food for the body to feel full after eating. When you lose weight, you should eat some potatoes appropriately, which is not only conducive to weight loss but also does not feel hungry.

If the potato is steamed, the effect on nutrients is relatively small, and the retention rate of vitamin C in the steamed potato is more than 80%, there is no loss of carbohydrate, mineral, dietary fiber, and so on, and it is easy to digest and absorb.

Steamed potatoes can be pressed into mud, taste crisp and soft, more suitable for the elderly and children to eat. Fried and braised are not recommended, and try not to cut into thin slices or cut into slices for cooking, easy to absorb oil.

It should be noted that potatoes are more suitable as a staple food. Because the content of starch in potatoes is relatively high, calculate in the range of staple food, if you eat potatoes, you should reduce the amount of other staple food.

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