Weight loss method suitable for 16-year-old high school students

"The fastest and most effective way for high school students to lose weight is to control the total calorie intake. An ordinary person needs about 1500 kcal of total calories every day. If you want to lose weight the fastest, you just shut up and reduce the intake of total calories. If you control the total calories within 1200kcal or even 800Kcal every day, you can lose weight quickly and effectively. Try to eat less white rice and noodles, eat less fried food, less processed desserts, less processed meat products, and then pay attention to increasing exercise. You can do resistance exercise and aerobic exercise, such as running for more than 30 minutes every day, or doing resistance exercises such as treadmill support and push-ups every day, which can effectively increase energy consumption. Through these two efforts to reduce energy intake, increase energy consumption, can quickly and effectively lose weight

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