Mom can lose weight by lying on her stomach and feet

 My mother has a little meat. Recently she is losing weight. He is lying on his stomach. Can this way really play a role in losing weight?

You can lose weight by lying on your stomach.

Many mothers give birth to a baby, the body shape will change, and the abdomen will have fat, most mothers will be concerned about their own fat abdomen, whether there is a way to lose weight, postpartum appropriate for the abdomen to do weight-loss exercises, for young mothers who have given birth to a baby is very good, so doing abdominal weight-loss exercises at home is the most effective way to lose weight for postpartum obesity. Generally speaking, abdominal weight-loss exercise is not lying down or lying on the stomach. It is not convenient to do it during the day, but it is most appropriate to do it before going to bed or getting up. Get up in the morning to lose weight exercise, you can quickly enter the state of burning fat, weight loss effect is the best.

Suggestions: moderate exercise with scientific diet, aerobic exercise, not eating spicy and greasy fried food, eat more vegetables and fruits, if the effect is not obvious for a long time, you can also choose liposuction to lose weight, according to the situation of different mothers, can have a very good effect.

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