How many jump rope is the best every day

 Skipping rope loses 30 poud a month. Many people think that they can lose weight in a month. In fact, it doesn't have to depend on their physique. Let's share the best rope skipping every day. Let's have a look.

How many jump rope is the best every day

Control of weight loss by rope skipping

Beginner: 60-100 jumps per group. It was divided into 2-3 times with an interval of 1 minute.

Normal: 400-500 jumps in each group. Two times, one minute apart.

Suggestion: monitor heart rate and heart rate

Rope skipping weight loss must pay attention to action essentials, long-term adherence to more effective.

Although rope skipping is a good way to keep fit, it is easy to get hurt if you are not careful, so you should pay attention to the following items:

1. Rope skippers should wear high top shoes with a soft texture and lightweight to avoid ankle injury.

The rope is moderate in thickness. Beginners usually use the hard rope but can change to the soft rope after proficiency.

3. Choose turf, wood floor, and mud ground with moderate hardness and softness. Do not jump rope on hard cement ground to avoid joint damage and dizziness.

4. When skipping rope, it is necessary to relax the muscles and joints and coordinate the toe and heel to prevent sprain.

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