Is animal oil fatter than vegetable oil?

 In fact, it's not only easy to get fat by eating animal oil, but also easy to get fat by eating more vegetable oil. Vegetable oil and animal oil belong to the same category of lipids. Vegetable oil contains more unsaturated fatty acids, while animal oil contains more saturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids and cholesterol form esters, which are easy to deposit in arteries and form arteriosclerosis.

In unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid is very important to the human body, it can not be synthesized in the body, must be taken from food, known as essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids play an important physiological role in the body. They are the components of the cell membrane and mitochondria. They are the raw materials for the synthesis of certain hormones and can promote growth and development. They are related to cholesterol metabolism and help to prevent coronary heart disease.

So vegetable oil is better for the body than animal oil. It is based on this point that people often ignore the restrictions on vegetable oil when they prevent and lose weight, resulting in the consequences of obesity.

Vegetable oil and animal oil, both of which are high energy foods, can lead to obesity if eaten too much. They have the same effect on this point. In fact, no matter what you eat, as long as the intake of energy is greater than the consumption of energy, it will lead to obesity, and it is impossible to see the effect of weight loss.

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