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The man gained 522 pounds after ligation

The core tip: after ligation, men gain 522 pounds, becoming the fattest in China. Obesity makes it difficult for him to take care of himself. Instead of being the head of the family, he becomes a burden to the family. At present, he has been admitted to Guangzhou Jihua hospital for weight loss surgery. His name is Deng Guoliang, nicknamed "Feeling". He is 32 years old from Qingyuan, Guangdong Province. He weighs 522 pounds and has a BMI of 93.5kg/m2. He is the fattest person known in China by weight or BMI. "In fact, I was not so fat at the beginning," Feiliang said with embarrassment in the face of the staff at the beginning of health. In 2006, he was still working as a security guard in Dongguan. At that time, he was about 180. Although he was fat, he was not so fat. During a blind date with a friend, he and his wife got the right eye and fell in love quickly. He resigned and went back to his hometown to get married. Then his two daughters were born, and he never