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20 ways to make money online

  How to make money on the Internet Many people know that the network can make money, but how to use the network to make money, how to make money , many people are not very clear. The following is to discuss with you how to make money online: 1.Make websites, make traffic and earn advertising fees Make a website by yourself. When the website has a certain number of visits, sell advertising space, play Google Adsense ads, and get advertising fees. Of course, this is the most mainstream and common way. However, participants need to have certain technical knowledge and operational experience. Otherwise, even if the website is built, there is no traffic, and there is no way to earn advertising fees. 2.Make websites and sell products Make a product website and sell products on the website. Products can be their own or can be sold to other companies. This way belongs to e-commerce, can be said to have the most development potential. However, this method requires higher technology and experie