Do you know the harm of slimming tea

 There are a lot of obese friends who will drink weight loss tea to lose weight, maybe at the beginning can play a certain role in weight loss, reflected in weight loss, but it is not difficult to find some side effects of the body. What is the harm of losing weight tea? Xiao Bian will show you.

Slimming tea is a kind of tea drink with a certain formula for reducing fat, which can relieve bowel movement and reduce the fat in the abdomen. It is generally suitable for those friends with a large abdomen. Due to eating greasy food for a long time and lack of exercise, problems such as abdominal enlargement and excessive accumulation of fat will appear after a long time. However, diarrhea will appear when drinking slimming tea at the beginning, because This abdominal stool will be clean, so the weight will be reduced. But the harm of slimming tea can not be ignored, the following we do some summary for the harm of slimming tea, friends who do not understand this can see oh.

1、 Habitual diarrhea:

The function of fat reducing tea is to discharge waste from the intestinal tract, increase gastrointestinal function, reduce stool, to achieve the purpose of weight loss. However, if you rely on fat reducing tea for a long time to lose weight, it will inevitably lead to habitual diarrhea, which will lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction and damage the normal intestinal flora. Therefore, friends who want to lose weight through slimming tea should pay attention to the amount of drinking, from more to less, gradually decreasing, and stop drinking in time after the slimming effect is obvious.

2、 Dependence:

As the initial effect of slimming tea is beginning to show, it will be especially effective for obese friends who drink it for the first time. Therefore, it will produce a certain degree of dependence. Whenever the weight increases, you will think of slimming tea to reduce weight. In fact, the consequences of doing so are very bad for your health, just like the dependence on drugs. After reaching a certain stage, it will be very uncomfortable not to drink slimming tea every day, This will lead to the destruction of the whole body's circulatory system, metabolic stagnation, and other problems, and even eventually disease. Therefore, we should advocate weight loss tea to avoid excessive drinking and dependence.

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