Why can't your small belly go down all the time?

 Core tip: do you want to lose weight in 2016? Want to know what is right for you to lose weight? 

"How to reduce the most effective small belly" is believed to be a problem that many people want to know. All kinds of weight loss methods have been tried, but the stubborn small belly is still "sticking to the" position, and there is no sign of retreat. How can you break through the embarrassing situation of repeated reduction and failure? In fact, a small belly can not be reduced, the truth is in you.

1. Lack of sleep

We can usually find a phenomenon, that is, some people who lack sleep will be more prone to obesity, which also means that the lack of sleep time will directly lead to the increase of waist circumference and small belly. This is because when sleep is not enough, the brain will find the wrong signal, so that people will eat more, and it is not easy to digest, coupled with the slowing down of metabolism, which will cause a vicious circle.

2. Sedentary for a long time

Long term sedentary can be said to be one of the "culprits" of abdominal obesity, so sedentary obesity often occurs in office people, and most of these office white-collar workers are also troubled by small belly. Working for 8 hours during the day is basically done by sitting in a chair, especially after meals. Lack of exercise can easily lead to the accumulation of abdominal fat.

3. I like to eat refined food

For some people, in terms of food taste, they prefer to eat some refined food, such as cake, dim sum, ham sausage, white flour, rice and so on. However, after the refined processing, there will be many additives, such as white flour and rice. After the refined processing, the fiber, vitamins, and minerals contained in almost whole bran grains will be removed. Besides, these foods are usually very easy to digest. If you eat them for a long time, it is easy to cause blood sugar soaring, and even cause diabetes in serious cases. And they don't give the body a sense of fullness, so we usually eat a lot before we suddenly fall into the carbohydrate trap. Therefore, for those who want to lose weight, pay attention to eat more "whole bran grains".

4. Too much pressure

When we are faced with pressure, we often see that we can relieve it by eating. People who are experiencing extreme stress eat more than usual because stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) make people crave carbohydrates and fats, which are stored in the abdomen.

5. Insufficient protein intake

In our daily diet, we often remind people to pay attention to the appropriate supplement of protein, not only because protein is a nutrient required by the human body, but also it can prolong the sense of satiety, and activate some hormones to make the brain send out the signal of "satiety". Some people need to lose weight.

6. Drinking

For people who love drinking, they tend to have a "big belly" shape, because there is a correlation between drinking and waist circumference. When you drink, the liver breaks down alcohol, not fat. Moreover, alcoholic drinks also contain a lot of sugar, resulting in excessive intake of calories, the belly naturally can not be reduced.

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