Six ways to lose weight in traditional Chinese Medicine

 Friends who have weight loss experience know that there are various ways to lose weight, some of which can be said to be exotic. It's not safe to take weight-loss drugs, and you can't insist on losing weight through exercise. So, why don't you try traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight? The following small series for you to introduce six ways of losing weight in TCM, you can try it.

What is TCM weight loss?

Modern medicine believes that simple obesity is often accompanied by an endocrine disorder. Various hormones, especially insulin, sex hormone, adrenal cortical hormone, and leptin, can be regulated by acupuncture to make it normal;

On the other hand, according to TCM syndrome differentiation, obesity is mainly related to the function of the liver, spleen, and kidney. Acupuncture can regulate the viscera and restore the function of the liver, spleen, and kidney to normal.

1、 Method of harmonizing the stomach and eliminating fat

The body is too fat, most of the reason is that the body's internal fat is too much, stomach indigestion leads to fat deposition, often leading to abdominal distension. Therefore, Chinese medicine such as hawthorn and radish can help to reduce weight. This method has been recorded in the materia medica.

Traditional prescriptions such as Jiao Sanxian and Baohe pills are commonly used in pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine. The hawthorn fruit, hawthorn cake, and hawthorn package are sweet and delicious, which can be carried around and taken conveniently. Fresh radish raw, fried to eat are the very clear mouth, can be regarded as the most simple food therapy to reduce fat and lose weight.

2、 Diuresis and diuresis

Diuresis and dampness are one of the six ways to lose weight in traditional Chinese medicine. Diuresis and dampness are the most stable methods to reduce fat and lose weight. Herbal literature: a wax gourd is beneficial to water, and there is "thin people avoid" records. After eating wax gourd porridge, the patient urinates more every day, 5-6 times a day. One month later, I lost 5 kg of weight and my blood pressure was stable. I feel very happy. Wax gourd seeds and wax gourd skin can be fried, soup is often taken. It's just a waste.

3、 Catharsis and catharsis

Polygonum cuspidatum can not only reduce diarrhea but also remove blood stasis, second only to rhubarb. Polygonum multiflorum can nourish blood and moisten intestines. It can be taken for obese people with blood deficiency and large constipation. The commercial Shouwu bag is made of this medicine, which not only can reduce blood fat, but also has dark hair and black hair, and also has the function of resisting aging and preventing decay. Obese people take it, which will cause severe diarrhea, weight loss immediately. Other kinds of slimming tea and other preparations are mostly laxatives.

4、 Soothing liver and invigorating gallbladder

There are six ways to reduce fat in TCM. Patients with hepatitis, cholecystitis, hepatolithiasis, lack of bile secretion, often do not like to eat greasy meat, if not careful, ingestion will cause disease. Shugan Lidan method for liver and gallbladder disease is indispensable, especially for patients with fatty liver, I often use this method to achieve good results.

Liver Soothing and choleretic drugs such as Artemisia capillaries, is a special Chinese medicine for jaundice, has a good sialagogic effect. Rhizoma curcumae, Curcuma, and Curcuma Curcuma are the same kinds of drugs, which can soothe the liver, promote gall bladder, and reduce blood fat.

5、 Method of promoting blood circulation and promoting blood stasis

Commonly used drugs for promoting blood circulation, promoting blood stasis, and reducing blood lipid: such as Angelica Sinensis and chuanxiong, which are the ancient prescription of Foshou powder, are good at promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation, and relieving pain. Salvia miltiorrhiza is a common medicine for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Radix Paeonia Rubra and Caulis Spatholobi can activate blood circulation and relax tendons, which are more suitable for those with stasis obstructing meridians. Panax notoginseng and pollen Typhae are good at promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. Salvia miltiorrhiza sachet, compound salvia miltiorrhiza bag, Guanxin No.1, and Guanxin No.2 prescription have the effect of promoting blood circulation, promoting blood stasis, and reducing blood lipid.

6、 Method of broadening chest and resolving phlegm

Commonly used drugs such as Trichosanthes, known as Trichosanthes in ancient times, is the main medicine for broad chest and resolving phlegm. The commercially available Fructus Trichosanthis is made of this one-sided, which can reduce blood lipid and is especially good at treating coronary heart disease. Trichosanthes seed also has the function of moistening the intestines. It is especially suitable for phlegm fire internal knots and stool obstruction. Allium macrostemon, or Allium macrostemon, is commonly used in clinics with Trichosanthes kirilowii. It is the Gulou Xiebai decoction used by Zhang Zhongjing, a famous doctor of the Han Dynasty, for treating chest obstruction and heartache. It has not been used for thousands of years.

Six methods of Chinese medicine weight loss have been introduced in detail. It is safe to use traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight. As for the effect of weight loss, we should adhere to it before we can see it clearly. However, as long as we control the amount of food, and then use the above methods, I believe you will succeed.

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