Does taro grow fat or lose weight

 I like to eat taro very much, eat two almost every day, but hear someone to say to eat to grow fast, some say to eat to reduce weight gain, again not firm the heart quit taro, want to ask next taro after all is gain fat still those who reduce weight?

Taro weight loss or gain fat to see the amount of food.

Taro contains a lot of fiber, and fiber promotes the movement of the intestine to help food digest while achieving the effect of weight loss. Moreover, the fat content in every 100g of taro is only 0.2g, but the dietary fiber reaches 1g and has 56 calories, which means that the body will not increase the fat content when meeting the body's needs. Note that taro also contains a large amount of starch, the consumption of taro is not too much, otherwise the starch is easily converted into sugar and stored in the human body. If you don't burn it off in time, it will turn into fat, which will not only fail to achieve the desired effect of weight loss but also may become fat.

Suggestion: master a good cooking method can achieve a good weight loss effect, eat taro less salt less oil as far as possible steamed. A day edible is less than 300 grams is more reasonable, if feel troublesome, still can choose medical beauty liposuction to reduce weight.

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