how to lose weight during quarantine?

 Now the whole country is fighting against the new coronavirus. Many people can only stay at home. Although there is no big fish and meat, they only eat and don't exercise. Some people who are prone to obesity may gain several pounds after being isolated for half a month. They are really very distressed. Because they can't go out for exercise in an extraordinary period, how can they get rid of the fat?

Diet principles during weight loss

1. Eat less and eat more. During weight loss, you can choose to eat 3 to 5 times a day, but the amount of each time should be controlled and eat less. For example, the amount of food from the previous three meals is divided into five meals, and try to choose light food;

2. Weight loss needs to ensure the principle of adequate protein. In the daily diet, there must be a protein rich food, such as fish, beef or bean products;

3. The principle of eating more green vegetables. Green vegetables are rich in nutrients and low in calories, so they are the best food to control calorie intake. If you feel hungry between meals, you can also eat some vegetables such as cucumber;

4. Avoid drinking alcohol. It's better not to drink alcohol during weight loss, of course, you should drink less if you don't lose weight;

5. The principle of eating less starchy food. Starch foods are high in calories but low in nutritional value, such as biscuits, cakes and desserts, which should be replaced by low calorie foods;

6. The principle of minimizing fat. Do not add unnecessary fat to food, such as frying and frying, which will increase the heat of food, but can be replaced by baking or boiling.

Weight loss exercise at home

1. Twisting after meals

After dinner, you should not sit on the sofa to watch TV or watch video with your mobile phone. After dinner, you should exercise, wash the dishes, clean the table, sweep the floor, etc.; then you should start to exercise. Don't be lazy. This exercise is very simple, and can quickly reduce the weight of your waist and restore your small waist.

Standing in front of the wall, support the wall with both hands, then cross the right leg with the left leg, and twist the waist with the right leg. At first, you can slow down and gradually speed up the exchange frequency of legs. This action lasts for half an hour. The amount of exercise is enough to help the body consume the excess fat. The continuous exercise of the waist will increase the muscle content and reduce the fat, Let your waist more slender. As long as you can stick to it for more than half a month, your body fat will disappear.

2. Stretching Aerobics

Can not go out to exercise, can do aerobics at home, the best time in 1 hour after dinner. This exercise is very simple, legs keep opening and closing, and then the arms are raised in a straight line, and then the arms stand up, close to the ears, and then clap hands. Then put the arm down, repeat the previous action, but the whole process of leg movements need to be maintained, adhere to this action for half an hour, the effect of weight loss will be very good, if you adhere to more than 2 weeks, you can see a good effect.

3. Sit ups

This kind of exercise is the most suitable exercise to do at home, but because of its simplicity, it is difficult for many people to stick to it. If you can do 30 sit ups every day for more than 3 months, the fatter person will also lose weight. Because sit ups are mainly used to exercise abdominal muscles, it will train abdominal muscles and reduce the accumulation of fat, so that your abdomen is more powerful and strong, At the same time, it will shape the curve of the waist, so this exercise is also the simplest and most effective way to lose weight.

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