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Is obesity related to sleep? Getting enough sleep can help you lose weight easily

 Core tip: imagine if you are listless the next day after staying up all night? And it's easier to eat high calorie foods, such as beer, fried chicken and crayfish. Therefore, staying up late doesn't make you thinner, it can only make you grow fat unconsciously by the nourishment of one meal after another. So, if you want to lose weight, start by sleeping. We all know that sleep is a state of spontaneous rest of the human body. Good sleep can supplement the body's energy, enhance the resistance, restore the spirit and relieve fatigue, promote the normal growth and development of the human body, and make the human body get sufficient rest. Therefore, sleep is very important to protect people's mental health and maintain their normal psychological activities Then, lack of sleep will lead to physical exhaustion, affect normal learning and work, accelerate skin aging; cause depression and other psychological diseases, but also can cause serious health problems, such as i