Is the cling film weight loss really reliable?

Now people like to be slim, but for lazy people who don't want to exercise, they just want some shortcuts, common sense, and various new patterns, hoping to achieve the goal of losing weight. Today, let's see if the preservative film diet really works. Everyone is afraid of being fat because being too fat will not only lead to a substantial decline in physical strength but also make you pant when you walk around. And it's easy to be targeted by diseases. Among them, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, and other diseases, are favored by obese people. In addition, there is too much fat on the body, so it doesn't look good in clothes. Whether it's for health or for good looks, it's suggested that women should lose weight in time. In life, some people use wrapping plastic film to lose weight. For those who haven't used it, they will ask: is the plastic film really reliable? Let's take a look at it. Is the plastic film diet really reliable? A: of cours

Weight loss psychology

 Introduction: Is psychological weight loss effective? Through the method of psychological suggestion can constantly improve their self-confidence, so that their weight loss road to go more smoothly. Let's follow Xiao Bian. When you lose weight, your mood is always in direct proportion to the number on the scale. With the ups and downs of your weight, it is uncertain whether it will be sunny or cloudy. In fact, how your mood is related to your weight loss results. Whether you exercise or eat or not, these behaviors are decided by your mind, so today I'd like to share a psychological suggestion weight loss method. This method is to create some hints in your mind, which can help you lose weight faster. 1. Become your own spiritual support In life, maybe you are a little girl, there are others to help you do everything, but you can only rely on yourself to lose weight. On the way to lose weight, food is your biggest enemy. Facing the temptation of food, many people can't refus

What is the reason of thick neck?

Uncle Benshan has a sketch that says "the neck is thick, either a rich man or a cook". The thick here means that the person is fat, but not all the neck is thick because of fat. There are many reasons for the thick neck. Let's get to know Xiaobian today How to judge if your neck is really thick? Under normal circumstances, the average man's neck circumference is 38 cm, women's neck circumference is 35 cm is the best range of neck circumference. Generally speaking, neck circumference should be equal to calf abdomen circumference. Methods: the tape can be horizontally placed at the thinnest part of the neck for measurement, that is, the upper edge of the seventh cervical vertebra behind the neck (the most prominent part behind the neck when you touch it when you lower your head), to the lower part of the front laryngeal knot to complete the measurement. Objective rough Some people touch the back of their neck and find a thick layer of meat, so they want to lose weig

What should we do if we lose more?

Core tip: if you want to lose weight, you can only control your mouth, open your legs, cooperate with appropriate drugs, there is no shortcut to go! Do not be anxious to lose weight, and step into the error of weight loss, and then cause irreversible damage to the body! For losing weight for five or six years, but the more you lose weight, the more fat you get. I feel that many people have this experience, as far as the people around me are concerned. Mr. Zhang, 32 years old, is always clamoring to lose weight. He is not very fat, 173cm, 75kg. But after losing weight for half a year, it became 78kg, which was once very hard. Why does Mr. Zhang lose weight more and more? Because of its poor self-control, every time you start to lose weight, you will eat a big meal, which means that this is a start, and you will start to lose weight after this meal. But the body is a particularly magical existence, that is, it is very difficult to adhere to a diet after a full meal. After the memory of

Early morning Qingchang let you say goodbye to big belly

Core tip: the plan of the day is in the morning, and the morning is the beginning of the day. No matter what you do, you will get good results, so will weight loss. Use the time of the morning to clear the intestines and detoxify, and easily ask for a big belly. With the accumulation of time in our intestines and stomach, these food residues eventually form black, stinky, and toxic substances with a thickness of 5-7mm and a weight of 5-6kg, which are firmly adhered to the intestinal wall like rust. Their hardness is similar to that of tires. They are slowly eroding our bodies. People are used to calling them Sybian. This stool accumulated in the intestinal fermentation, corruption, and constantly produce a variety of toxins, toxic gases, intestinal mucosa absorbed into the blood and transported to various cells of the body, first cause the deterioration of the intestinal environment, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and then lead to endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, and finally le

Three tips to thin waist for women aged 20 to 30

Core tip: women of different ages, there are special ways to lose weight, waist is the most easily obese parts, want to slim, first thin waist! Listen to the experts for women of different ages slimming advice! 20-year-old beauty Body function is at its peak, and heart rate, vital capacity, bone sensitivity, stability, and elasticity all reach the best point. A 20-year-old can reserve "resources" for his future health. So we must pay attention to exercise, to maintain weight, don't wait until 30 years old to lose weight, then it's very hard. Fitness methods: exercise is mainly chest, back, thigh, and hip exercise. According to the physical condition and economic conditions, you can take part in more money-saving sports, such as dancing, jogging, swimming, etc. Dance can not only make women interested but also increase the coordination of the body. It is also helpful to strengthen body lines. We can think more about this method of weight loss Expert tips: in the diet,

The secret of slim and Sexy French women

Core tip: most French women are sexy and slim, which is the envy of girls all over the world. The reporter found that the "secret" for French girls to keep slim is to "eat in balance". Most French women are sexy and slim, which is the envy of girls all over the world. The reporter found that the "secret" for French girls to keep slim is to "eat in balance". I'm the best example. After arriving in France, I like French food, pork, beef, sheep, dessert, everything. The result is not only not fat, but slimmer so that my mother worried about my lack of food every day. In fact, French eating habits make me a "eat everything" guy, and make me in the best nutritional state, keep a good figure. The French usually eat a lot of high-fat food. French traditional breakfast is crescent bread and other foods containing a lot of butter, and the proportion of sugar in desserts is not small. However, the incidence of cardiovascular disease in France