What circumstances do obese people encounter to measure blood sugar

 Core tip: For obese people, it is very easy to develop diabetes. In order to get timely treatment, if obese people encounter the following conditions, it is best to test the following blood sugar.

As we all know, obesity is an important risk factor for diabetes. If other adverse events occur at the same time, it is likely to indicate that the blood sugar problem has occurred. PLA general hospital endocrinology division director mother Yiming professor introduces, when obese people encounter the following health problems, it is best to go to a regular hospital to measure blood sugar

Catch a cold frequently. Diabetes is a kind of endocrine and metabolic disease, which is inextricably linked with immune function. If the immune system of obese people is weakened, often catch a cold, and recover more slowly than others, it is likely to indicate that the endocrine metabolic system has been unable to function normally.

Snore every day. This is a hallmark of obstructive sleep apnea. Overall, the prevalence rate among adults is about 4%. In diabetics, it can reach more than 23 percent. In OSA patients, the prevalence of diabetes is more than 40%. Overweight people who snore are definitely at higher risk for diabetes.

Hypoglycemia before meal. If I didn't eat breakfast, I was hungry before 11 o 'clock. After breakfast, I was even hungrier. Obese people encounter this situation, the body's insulin secretion has been "out of control." It's best to do an oral glucose tolerance extension test to measure insulin levels.

My fingers are numb. The peripheral nerves are responsible for transmitting sensations, and if you feel tingling or numbness in your fingertips or toes from time to time, it's probably the result of high blood sugar.

Suddenly fatter. Studies have shown that for every 1kg of weight gain in obese people, the risk of developing diabetes increases by at least 5%. Middle-aged and elderly people, especially those at high risk of having a family history of diabetes, should be aware of their weight changes. If suddenly put on weight, such as 1 month body weight increases 2, 3 kilograms, or waist circumference increases 3 centimeters or so, had better go measuring blood sugar.

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