British mother's weight soars after 28 cans of Red Bull drink a day

Core tip: a British mother who had been drinking a lot of Red Bull drinks for a long time had her weight soared to 165 kg and suffered from blindness.

According to the mirror on August 3, Luna supari, a woman in Northern Ireland, has been suffering from blindness and her weight has soared to 165 kg after drinking a lot of Red Bull drink for a long time.

It is reported that Luna, 26, has three children, including one with special needs. When taking care of young children, she often drinks 28 cans of Red Bull. Although she often has a headache, she only takes painkillers to cope with it. Until one day, she suddenly found that she couldn't look up and couldn't see. According to the doctor's examination, this is temporary blindness caused by spontaneous intracranial hypertension, which is common in obese women, so she had to be hospitalized for 6 days.

The doctor also told her that she would need to lose at least another 45 kg to improve her current condition. Now she doesn't drink red bull anymore. She's lost 12 kilograms.

Every year, Luna spends 6000 pounds (about 58000 yuan) on sports drinks. Now she hopes NHS can provide training camps to encourage those who are reluctant to lose weight with gastric banding.

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