20 ways to make money online


How to make money on the Internet

Many people know that the network can make money, but how to use the network to make money, how to make money, many people are not very clear. The following is to discuss with you how to make money online:

1.Make websites, make traffic and earn advertising fees

Make a website by yourself. When the website has a certain number of visits, sell advertising space, play Google Adsense ads, and get advertising fees. Of course, this is the most mainstream and common way. However, participants need to have certain technical knowledge and operational experience. Otherwise, even if the website is built, there is no traffic, and there is no way to earn advertising fees.

2.Make websites and sell products

Make a product website and sell products on the website. Products can be their own or can be sold to other companies. This way belongs to e-commerce, can be said to have the most development potential. However, this method requires higher technology and experience of participants, as well as product resources and circulation channels. For ordinary people, it is more difficult.

3.Making money from network services

For example, it provides various services such as paid online movies and music and gains income by charging service fees or membership fees. For ordinary people, this method is also more difficult.

4.Domain name investment

A domain name is a kind of unique network resource, which has uniqueness. A good domain name can be said to be valuable. Hundreds of thousands, millions, even tens of millions. So many people invest in domain names. But the proportion of people who really make money through domain names is very small. They all started to invest in domain names very early. They have several high-quality domain names on hand, and now they can make money. For ordinary people, now to do domain name investment, the probability of making money is extremely small.

5. Free online earning

There are many ways to make free online. The "click to make money", "email to make money", "recommendation to make money", "register to make money", "surf to make money" and "survey to make money" all belong to this type. This type of participation is free. All it takes is the cost of time. Many people think it's not worth mentioning. They even think it's fake. The reason is that it takes too long (more than 60 days) for individuals to pay. To obtain higher income, this way must have a considerable number of offline. At least 10 or more. In this way, you just Can pay in a short time. If you do this kind of project, if you do it well, you can earn more than $1000 a month. (usually, there are websites or many recommended resources for this purpose.)

6.Making money with ideas

Gain revenue by selling ideas online, such as the idea creation network http://www.795.com.cn/ You can sell your own ideas and share others' ideas.

7.Selling virtual goods in the game

Selling the virtual goods in the game to make money is a way for some game players to make money. According to informed sources, there are millions of such online gold miners. They mainly come from remote rural areas or undeveloped cities and have no jobs. For them, this is a good online gold rush method, but the author does not agree with this method of making money. From the above six ways of making money, we can see that making money on the Internet is actually to earn real money and silver with the convenience of the network platform, which is also the most common six ways to obtain remuneration online. With the rapid development of the network, more and more people will step into the team of the online gold rush, and more and more network money making methods are born.

8.Making money by blogging Online

This should be said that many people know, so I don't want to say more, but success needs to persist for a long time, unless you are very NB.

9.Making money online

This also, needless to say, Taobao the earth people know the site, now Baidu also wants to join it, so we open a shop and more choice.

10.Making money from online surveys

This is also very easy to understand. Participating in the survey of some companies, the companies have obtained the data they want, and you have earned RMB, so each of them can get what they need. It is also very easy to understand.

11.Make money by hanging QQ

What is hanging QQ, more, hang QQ chat room, dating center, personal signature, details, etc., where there are people who can hang advertising, someone can make money when they come. The same can be applied to UC, MSN, and other software.

12. Contribution to make money

Online contribution, save postage, but also fast, a manuscript can be submitted to more than one. The article can't write, find other people's change, put together a bit on the line, very simple and convenient

13. Bidding to make money

That is to spend some money to buy some advertisements, sell some products and realize the price difference. Bidding can go to Baidu alliance, Google alliance, Ali mother, etc.; another disguised bidding is to buy the advertising space of the website, the effect is almost the same, the key is to see the conversion rate, turn If the exchange rate is high and the products are profitable, you will be rich.

14. Online hype to make money

I don't understand what hype is, that is, swearing, cajoling, flattering Of course, the people here can be specific people, or some object or company. That is to help others hype on the Internet, but the premise is that you can get in touch with the characters in the circle so that you can get the job

15. SEO makes money

SEO is search engine optimization, you can make a lot of money by this, the premise is that your level is enough cattle. Of course, if you are not a cow, but if you are lucky, you can also earn some living expenses by playing some low-level actions such as keyword repetition with your blog.

16. Forum posts to make money

This is a very old way to post, pull users to visit, change advertising fees.

17. Selling links

If you have a website, ranking is not bad, PR value is not low, then you can sell a few links, a month a few tens of yuan, get dozens of it.

18. Soft text makes money

What is soft text, is gun draft, is advertising draft, but not so direct, but very clever to publicize the content hidden in the article, and then rely on this to make money!

19. Second dealers make money

Now, there are a lot of people who sell online to earn information, programs, and secret scripts. You can buy a little, and then take them to sell them. You can make money when you enter and leave.

20. Learning is the most profitable

Is that understandable? That is, you have real talent and practical learning is the most profitable, to achieve this point, you have to constantly come to us, listen to experts, enrich your knowledge so that you can always be invincible

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