One week bitter gourd diet

Core tips: balsam pear heat detoxification and weight loss effect is good, the most suitable for a summer diet. But bitter gourd taste slightly bitter, how to do to taste delicious and lose weight? The following small recommended a week bitter gourd diet, a daily bitter gourd delicious, let you quickly become thin.

Balsam pear is a popular summer weight loss vegetables, balsam pear low calorie, every 100g of balsam pear only 18 calories, and balsam pear contain Momordica charantia, which is very beneficial to reduce fat. In addition to good weight loss effect, balsam pear also has the effect of reducing fire, detumescence,, and detoxification, which is very suitable for summer. Below, Xiaobian recommends a week of bitter gourd diet, a daily bitter gourd delicious, want to not thin is very difficult.

Monday: balsam pear mixed with kelp sprouts

Materials: balsam pear 250g, kelp sprout 5g, Hefeng soy sauce 1 tbsp, pepper powder a little.

Methods: soak kelp sprouts, drain; remove seeds and slice balsam pear, add a little salt to wash, squeeze out excess saltwater; put balsam pear and kelp sprouts into the bowl, mix well with soy sauce, and sprinkle with chili powder.

Tuesday: Green balsam pear soup

Materials: 150g balsam pear, 1 cucumber root, half Minghe, 2 dried plums, 2 bowls of soup, 1 / 4 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of lotus root powder, half spoon of soy sauce,, and the proper amount of pepper

Methods: heat the soup, add salt, pepper,, and soy sauce, and stir the lotus root powder with water; clean the balsam pear and cucumber and cut them into small pieces, do not remove the flesh of cucumber and bitter gourd, pour them into the juicer to squeeze juice, filter out the residue, pour into the soup, boil for a while, and finally add a few dried plums and chopped Minghe.

Wednesday: double mushroom and bitter gourd shreds

Raw materials: 150 g balsam pear, 100 g Lentinus edodes, 100 g Flammulina velutipes, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil

Method: cut balsam pear into thin silk, ginger slice into thin silk, soak Lentinus edodes, cut Flammulina velutipes tail,, and wash. Stir fry Flammulina velutipes, add seasoning, stir fry and serve.

Thursday: bitter gourd apple juice

Ingredients: a bitter gourd and a bottle of carbonated apple juice

Method: slice the balsam pear into thin slices and put it in a large container. Then quickly pour the carbonated apple juice into the container. Wrap the container with preservative film as fast as possible. Do not let the air of the beverage run out. Put the beverage in the refrigerator and chill it. Drink it at any time.

Friday: bitter gourd with plum juice

Materials: balsam pear, ginger, coriander, pickled plum, plum juice.

Methods: cut the balsam pear in half and remove the capsule; after boiling in water, cut the balsam pear into long slices; chop the coriander and ginger; put the shredded ginger, balsam pear, coriander,, and plum into a bowl, sprinkle with plum juice and stir evenly, and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours; take it out from the refrigerator, pour it into the plate and stir it again before eating.

Saturday: balsam pear, tomato,, and corn soup

Materials: 2 balsam pear, 1 tomato, half corn root, a little salt,, and monosodium glutamate

Method: after the pulp of balsam pear is cut, it can be cut into small pieces for easy cooking. Tomato cut into large pieces, corn into small pieces, together into a large pot to boil, bitter gourd in the boiling process will be scattered in the soup, with lycopene and acid substances after the combination will be greatly reduced. When the corn is completely cooked soft, add a little salt and monosodium glutamate can be out of the pot to drink.

Sunday: bitter gourd with egg yolk

Materials: balsam pear, salted egg yolk, honey

Methods: the raw salted egg yolk is steamed in a steamer, and the steamed salted egg yolk is crushed with a small spoon; a balsam pear is cut into four sections and the inner part is taken out with a knife; a pot of hot water is boiled, and a little salt and oil are put into the water, and the bitter gourd is put into the bitter gourd after boiling for two or three minutes, and the salted egg yolk is put into the bitter gourd; the bitter gourd with salted egg yolk is cut into thick slices. When you eat, you can put a drop of honey on each piece.

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