Four kinds of slimming tea formula and efficacy

 In fact, many traditional Chinese medicines have a certain weight loss effect, common are balsam pear, hawthorn, job's tears, wolfberry, lotus leaf, and JiangBai. Usually, as long as do a good job in daily life with the work, can achieve a good weight loss effect. The specific important formula of slimming tea is as follows:

Formula of Chinese herbal diet tea

Formula 1 of fat reducing tea

Raw materials: plantain seed, cassia seed, hawthorn, He Shou Wu, tangerine peel, licorice, trifoliate orange.

Efficacy: it is said that this is an important formula of diet tea that Faye Wong likes. In that year, she took this prescription after giving birth to her child, and the effect was very good.

Cassia seed has the effect of clearing liver, eyesight, and defecation. Plantain has the function of promoting water, clearing lungs, and eliminating phlegm. He Shou Wu Thunb can relieve constipation, moisten intestines and disinfect, while licorice can clear away heat and detoxify. Some patients with dyspepsia, edema, and constipation can take this slimming tea, which can not only promote health but also have a good effect on weight loss.

Formula 2 of fat reducing tea:

Raw materials: licorice, Prunella vulgaris, laver, rice kernel, hawthorn, bupleurum, Alisma Orientalis, Herba Artemisia, white mustard seed.

Methods: All the herbs were decocted with water, once a day, once a week, one course of treatment each time.

Efficacy: the main function of this diet tea formula is to regulate qi and blood, remove phlegm, and eliminate fat. It is suitable for most women with obesity.

Formula 3 of fat reducing tea:

Raw materials: Two ugly, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Atractylodes, cassia seed, Alisma Orientalis, hawthorn.

Methods: grind all the herbs into powder and add some honey to make pills.

Efficacy: Two ugly party can not only promote urination and defecation but also discharge excess water in the body. Long term use of Two ugly party can promote emaciation. The effect of Cornus Officinalis is to eat, cassia seed can moisten the intestine, He Shou Wu can protect the liver and kidney. Every morning and evening to take, and supplemented by some exercise, so that can play a role in promoting digestion and weight loss and fat.

Formula 4 of fat reducing tea:

Ingredients: Atractylodes  Radix Astragali, dried hawthorn, peanut shell, epimedium, He Shou Wu, Lai, Alisma Orientalis.

Methods: decoct the formula with water, one dose a day, and it is better to take the decoction before meals so that it can continue to eat after meals. This diet tea can not only reduce the amount of diet, continuous use of more than two months, but you will also find yourself very thin.

Efficacy: this prescription can warm yang, remove fat, and promote diuresis. It is suitable for obesity caused by various methods.

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