How does the person of puffiness reduce weight best

 Core clew: the person that wants to reduce weight, want to make clear oneself belong to what type above all, puffiness and true fat have distinction, method reducing weight is different also, so how is the person of puffiness after all reducing weight just the best? Today xiaobian take you to understand under the weight loss.

As one of the most common symptoms of sub-health, puffiness is one of the most common human conditions, and has a large room to rise. With the improvement of life quality and the increase of survival pressure, this proportion will be higher and higher. Puffiness refers to muscle looseness, fat prolapse, gently patting shake feeling. Fat is easy to burn, and do not exercise more, drugs to reduce weight to be able to get success is more cases of puffiness. At the same time, the odds of a rebound are mostly in the proportion of overweight.

How to judge oneself is that kind of fat?

The characteristics of puffiness

I don't eat much. I don't eat much.

2. The body gets tired easily.

3, hands and feet easy to feel swelling, especially when squatting, feel leg swelling strong; Compared to the upper body, the lower body is fatter.

4, pale or bluish face, weak speech, afraid of cold; Not easy to sweat, much white sputum.

5, usually very little exercise, the muscles are more relaxed and virtual.

6. The resulting urine is light in color.

7. Often dream while you sleep.

The hallmarks of true fat

1, usually eat more, it is easy to feel empty stomach, want to eat again

2. Easy to constipation, may have less than three stools a week

3. It looks meaty and strong

4, often feel dry mouth, much thick sputum

5. Ruddy complexion

6, urine hot, thick, cloudy, yellow, deep

7. You have nightmares while sleepin

Now that you know how to identify the type of obesity, if you're puffy, how can you lose weight?

A way to lose weight

1. Exercise

Movement reduces weight must insist certain time, for instance jog wants 40 minutes above, swim should at least half an hour, massage wants 20 minutes or so, yoga cannot be less than half an hour, come down so ability has the effect, just be a few movements casually, the persistence of a few minutes is to have no effect.

2. Supplement your diet

Big fish and meat or congee with dishes? Is it a combination of meat and vegetable? Or is it all meat and vegetable? If you want to lose weight, then you must adjust your diet to the most healthy state, not only eat vegetarian, but also eat meat. Meat dishes should not be eaten every day, otherwise there will be more and more fat. Eating porridge and vegetables at every meal may make you lose weight, but it will also make you lose nutrition.

So, how is vanity fat to reduce weight, the best method is meat and vegetable collocation, in the most appropriate time to choose the food they need, supplement the body needs.

3. Change your schedule

Stay up less and sleep more. In addition, sleep to ensure the quality, sleep all day long is not good, the mind is too heavy, not only work, study efficiency is low, but also bad for health. If fall asleep difficult, can drink a cup of milk before going to bed, lie down before 10:30, time grew, have help to reduce weight naturally.

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