Can 30 minutes walk on an empty stomach in the morning lose weight

 I'm losing weight. I just go to work every day. Can I lose weight if I walk fast for an hour and a half on an empty stomach every morning?

Long-term adherence to the morning fasting walk for 30 minutes can lose weight.

If you walk fast for an hour and a half on an empty stomach every morning, the amount of exercise should be about the same. Besides, you should strictly control your diet. You should eat less greasy food and junk food. If you can strictly control your diet and exercise for an hour and a half every day, as long as you stick to it, weight loss should not be a problem.

Suggestions: the healthy way to lose weight is to exercise and diet control, exercise to do, diet attention do not eat fried food, do not eat sweet food, do not eat drinks, eat 70% full, eat 50% at night, high sugar fruit to eat less, reduce carbohydrate intake, perseverance, the weight will soon drop, if not obvious for a long time, you can also choose medical beauty liposuction.

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