Is diet yogurt reliable

 Question: acid diet, I have been very fat after giving birth to a child, some friends recommend yogurt weight loss method, I heard that you can lose six catties three days, excuse me, is yogurt weight loss method reliable? Is milk reliable?

The doctor replied: it's not reliable.

Yoghurt is produced by milk fermentation, which mainly contains lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria. In addition, the lactose composition in fermented milk is bacterial decomposition, and protein is precipitated due to acid production by bacteria. Therefore, the protein content in yogurt used by people will be higher than that in milk with the same volume. In the theory of weight loss, protein does not over stimulate insulin secretion and can produce satiety, so partial replacement of staple food with yogurt can reduce the body fat synthesis. However, it is still necessary to see according to personal physical reasons, because each person's physical fitness is different, so the way suitable for each person will not be the same.

Suggestion: pay attention to the regular diet of three meals in daily life, avoid overeating, light, low-fat and less salt. Exercise more. Or from the local hospital for examination, liposuction surgery.

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