Can you eat seaweed to lose weight

 Because the appetite has been very good, so it has been very difficult to lose weight. Now exercise can keep up with it. I don't know which dishes can be eaten. Can I eat seaweed dishes to lose weight?

Trehalose can be eaten when you lose weight, but you can't just eat trehalose to lose weight.

Trehalose contains a lot of trace elements and minerals, which have a certain effect on health. However, weight loss is not only dependent on what kind of food can do, need to develop a complete set of programs according to individual conditions. First of all, we should control our diet. We should eat three meals a day regularly and quantitatively. We can't skip breakfast, overeat, eat high calorie, and high sugar food. We can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise more at the same time.

Suggestion: when you lose weight, you can eat some to relieve high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia, and you can also eat some cold seaweed when there is atherosclerosis. Weight loss to increase their own number of exercise, you can do some aerobic exercise or functional exercise, if the effect is not obvious, you can also choose medical beauty liposuction to lose weight.

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