Aerobics jump out of graceful figure

 Core tip: many women's envy of good figure people, all hope that they can also have a hot figure, can become the focus of attention. Now let's learn to let you highlight the fitness exercises around the circumference to help you shape a perfect body.

1、 [abdominal bodybuilding method]

1. Raising legs and abdomen: it mainly develops the lower abdominal muscles. Lie on your back with your legs straight as high as possible. Then put them down slowly and repeatedly. Bend your knees and do the same movement, the effect is better.

2. Sit ups: mainly exercise the upper abdominal muscles. Raise the upper body slowly, close the abdomen, and keep the head close to the knees as far as possible. When the upper body is tilted back, touch the board on the back. For people with exercise foundation, it is better to do it on the inclined board and abdominal muscle frame, which can fully back up and increase the difficulty of abdominal retraction.

3. Touch the toes alternately: lie on your back with your feet straight and your hands on both sides of your body. Lift up, lift your left leg, and touch your left toe with your right hand; return to the original position, then lift the upper body, raise the right leg, and touch the right toe with your left hand. Repeat several times.

4. Waist twisting: hold the handle or pull a certain weight with one hand to do the waist twisting and turning exercises in various positions. For example, you can first turn 10 circles clockwise and then 10 turns anticlockwise. Finally, bend forward and backward, left and right for 5 times. Can exercise abdominal external oblique muscle and waist muscle.

5. Kneeling: focus on exercising abdominal muscles. Sit straight knees, upper body back, maintain body balance, and then bend knees to close abdomen, so that abdominal muscles as far as possible flexion. Never touch the ground during practice.

2、 [chest building method]

1. Supine exercise: supine on the bed or bench, hold dumbbells with both hands, extend both arms horizontally, lift straight arms with chest muscle contraction force, and then relax and restore, repeat 20-30 times per minute.

2. Bed exercise: lie prone on the edge of the bed, extend the chest out of the bed, then lift the upper body, and alternately do the "stroke" posture with both hands. 10-15 times per minute.

3. Pulling movement: take the posture of standing or sitting, put both arms on the inside of the body, slowly lift to both sides, and then slowly lift forward until the height between the head and shoulder is reached, and then slowly lift forward until the two arms are about to collide; then the two arms are separated to restore and relax the muscles. Move slowly for 5-8 times.

4. Back supporting and standing up: sit on the chair with two arms on both sides of the chair. The upper body lean back, the center of gravity moves to the arm, at the same time, the legs are straightened, the hips are tightened, the hips are lifted forward, the head is lifted, the chest is straightened, and the body is in a straight line for 5 seconds. Pay attention to natural breathing, arms and body are straight.

5. hest lifting exercise: kneel and stand, with arms naturally drooping. Move your upper body back, your hips on your heels and exhale. The arms are bent flat on the chest, the back of the hand is opposite, the fingers touch the chest, including the chest and bow the head. Then move the center of gravity forward, straighten the hip, stand up the upper body, inhale at the same time, bend the arms shoulder side (palm, five fingers open), head up and chest. Repeat this action.

6. Prone movement: push forward, feet apart and shoulder width. Press the upper body down, bend the two arms to the side of the body, make the upper arm parallel to the ground, and then inhale. Stretch the elbow joint with both arms, and raise your head and chest at the same time. Return to the prepared position and exhale. Try to repeat it several times at a time.

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