What can I eat for dinner to lose weight? Don't just eat fruit

 Mm in weight loss has such trouble, do you want to eat dinner? If you eat, you're afraid of getting fat, and if you don't eat, you're hungry.

What can you eat at night to lose weight?

Let's share with you how to eat a diet dinner.

What to eat for dinner to lose weight and not be hungry:

The dinner-only contains a small amount of carbon water, vegetables, and fruits, a small amount of high-quality fat, high fiber food to supplement nutrition, enhance the sense of fullness, to achieve the goal of weight loss and satiety.

For general women, coarse grain (50g effect) + vegetables 200g (or apple, pear) + meat 50-80g, dinner will not be the fat and full stomach.

Coarse food for dinner can help you lose weight and not be hungry

You can choose the staple food: sweet potato, potato, yam, taro, corn, oatmeal, and so on.

For women with low activity, 50 grams of staple food is enough. If you are tired during the day, you can add dozens of grams of staple food.

Many people think that losing weight means not eating the main food at night. However, if you don't eat the main food in the evening, you will feel that the dinner can't fill your stomach completely, and you will feel very hungry when you go to sleep or the next morning.

Therefore, it is better to eat a little roughage staple food in the evening, because the soluble fiber in coarse grain staple food will increase after absorbing water, to produce satiety and reduce energy intake, which is very helpful to lose weight.

Eating meat for dinner can help you lose weight and not be hungry:

Losing weight at night is not eating meat? This is a lot of people's one-sided weight-loss of thinking.

To lose weight and fat, we must ensure that protein is enough because protein is the nourishment of muscle, and the higher the muscle content, the faster the metabolism. Make sure you have enough protein to lose weight effectively. But the meat made by frying with more fat content is better not to eat.

Besides, egg protein and soybean products also contain enough protein, which can meet the nutritional needs. These foods provide a strong sense of fullness and will not lead to obesity.

For the average person's diet dinner, the protein intake of 1.5-2 g / kg/day can be taken as the standard.

Eat plenty of vegetables for dinner to lose weight and not be hungry:

There is no need to explain this point too much. We all know that vegetables are not high in calories and can supplement a lot of vitamins and fiber. Eating more vegetables can adjust body shape.

Dinner can choose vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, bean sprouts, spinach, etc., as long as a little less seasoning is very in line with the requirements of the diet.

Eat vegetables for a diet dinner. You can eat until you are full. Only need to pay attention to and coarse grain staple food and meat reasonable collocation are good.

No fruit for dinner:

Dinner can eat apples, pears, grapefruit, and other low sugar index fruit. You can't use fruit instead of dinner. Dinner only eats fruit, easy to cause malnutrition, lack of vitality of the body, and even irregular menstruation.

Don't mistakenly think that you can lose weight by eating fruit. In fact, the fruit is rich in fructose, which may lead to excess sugar, affect weight loss and make you hungry

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