The man gained 522 pounds after ligation

The core tip: after ligation, men gain 522 pounds, becoming the fattest in China. Obesity makes it difficult for him to take care of himself. Instead of being the head of the family, he becomes a burden to the family. At present, he has been admitted to Guangzhou Jihua hospital for weight loss surgery.

His name is Deng Guoliang, nicknamed "Feeling". He is 32 years old from Qingyuan, Guangdong Province. He weighs 522 pounds and has a BMI of 93.5kg/m2. He is the fattest person known in China by weight or BMI.

"In fact, I was not so fat at the beginning," Feiliang said with embarrassment in the face of the staff at the beginning of health. In 2006, he was still working as a security guard in Dongguan. At that time, he was about 180. Although he was fat, he was not so fat. During a blind date with a friend, he and his wife got the right eye and fell in love quickly. He resigned and went back to his hometown to get married. Then his two daughters were born, and he never left his hometown again.

After the birth of his youngest daughter is 2010, in response to the call of national policy, and unable to bear his wife to be "stabbed", he took the initiative to undergo ligation. Since then, fate has changed. "Since the ligation, my weight has been rising at the rate of 40-50 pounds per year.".

He didn't know exactly why. He didn't think that after ligation, his appetite became better or anything. In a word, his weight was out of control. He was in a hurry to run with his wife, or he was in a hurry to swim. After that, there was no effect of "self-abandonment". Later, if his wife doesn't control him, he can eat 18 bowls of rice at a meal!

Obesity prevents him from being a good husband

As he gained weight, he became unemployed, unable to go out and walk on his own. The burden of the whole family, two old people, two young daughters, and his fat man, is on his young wife. The family's economy mainly depends on the wife's monthly salary of more than 1000 yuan and the subsistence allowance of several hundred yuan

Can you imagine that this is a comparison of his wife in just a few years? Life makes a young girl become a gaunt woman. "I often wake up crying at night." Feiliang's wife's name is Chunchang. Talking about the pressure of life, both husband and wife wet their eyes at the same time. Because of her husband's fat explosion, Chun Chang has been under great pressure among the villagers and colleagues, and has been criticized and joked everywhere. But she didn't want to give up, because he was the father of the children.

This kind-hearted woman propped up a family's livelihood with her weak shoulders.

Obesity prevents him from being a good father and son

In addition to his inability to perform his husband's duties, obesity also affected his role as a good father. Mobility, also let him rarely have the opportunity to accompany the children out to play. Once he sent his eldest daughter to school, but the students laughed at her for having a "fat pig" father. Since then, the eldest daughter never wanted him to send her to school again. Fat good weight, let the daughter young heart, covered with a layer of inferiority.

Besides, elderly parents, obesity is also full of guilt. An old mother will shed tears when she mentions her son's body. My father is ill all over. He has to work as a construction worker on the construction site and do some hard work to lighten the burden of his daughter-in-law.

It is understood that Feiliang has been admitted to Guangzhou Jihua hospital, ready for weight loss surgery. To give the whole family a happy life, Feiliang was full of expectations for this medical treatment, but he was a little afraid to imagine. What he was most afraid of, like any previous efforts, ended in failure.

According to Chen Xiaomei, deputy director of the weight loss center of Jihua hospital, besides obesity, Feiliang also has severe hypertension (200 / 120mmhg), edema of lower limbs, low oxygen saturation, cardiopulmonary failure, and other complications. Need a comprehensive physical examination, through conditioning reduced to about 50 kg weight before you can accept weight loss surgery. And conditioning method in addition to diet control, also need to blow balloon exercise heart and lung every day.

The picture shows a fat abdomen. The medical staff lifted a thick fat layer at the scene. We can see that the skin in the lower abdomen has turned black. This is one of the complications of severe obesity, which is caused by skin hypoxia.

The picture shows a fat leg with black purple skin and edema.

Lying in the hospital bed fat well, a belly of fat occupied the whole bed.

Does ligation make people fat? Chen Xiaomei said that in clinical practice, people who get fat because of ligation are often seen, whether male or female. However, there is no literature data to prove this inference, and there is no relevant research on the relationship between ligation population and obesity in China. Besides, Feiliang's obesity also has certain family genetic factors. His elder brother and cousins are relatively fat, and they are all two or three hundred pounds.

Why don't you try to lose weight?

This is the general face of severe obesity will question the sentence. In fact, when many people begin to feel "fat" and need to lose weight, their weight has far exceeded the standard of obesity.

According to the latest data released by the national health department in May 2015, the problem of overweight and obesity among Chinese residents is prominent. The average weight of adult men and women aged 18 and above is 66.2kg and 57.3kg respectively. The overweight rate and obesity rate of adults aged 18 and above were 30.1% and 11.9% respectively, which were 7.3 and 4.8 percentage points higher than those in 2002.

For patients with severe obesity, the common way to lose weight has not been very effective, and even bring the risk of life. Take the commonly used running as an example, the lower limbs of obese people bear most of the weight of the body, and they are already under great pressure. If they still run, it will only make the lower limb joints "worse" and easily cause knee joint injury. Besides, the weak cardiopulmonary and respiratory systems do not allow them to do moderate-intensity exercise. Not to mention that some severely obese people have difficulty walking.

It's not easy for patients with severe obesity to control their diet. If they go on a bland diet without the guidance of professionals, they are prone to palpitation, hunger, shaking hands and feet, sweating, and pale skin. On the one hand, it's life-threatening, on the other hand, it's not conducive to persistence. Most people can't bear the pain of controlling their appetite, and finally, they become binge drinking Overeating, and rebounding.

Therefore, Chen Xiaomei, deputy director of the weight loss center of Jihua hospital, reminds us that it's easier to prevent obesity than to lose weight. Everyone should develop good eating and exercise habits, and don't start to lose weight until they are out of control. Besides, if severe obesity cannot be controlled by regular diet and exercise, weight loss surgery is the best choice.

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