How did Zheng Daoyan lose weight

How did Zheng Duoyan lose weight? The following legendary slimming queen Zheng Duoyan shared her slimming experience, mainly teach you how to lose weight in daily life, come to learn.

An empty stomach is the enemy of weight loss

I've noticed that when it comes to weight loss, many people think "not eating = losing weight," so they focus on fasting. However, I can tell you for sure, if you want to slim beautifully, you can't adopt a diet to lose weight. In addition to not fasting to lose weight, there is another important point to pay attention to, which is not to get caught up in the calorie myth of weight loss. I urge all sisters and sisters to put aside these two weight loss spells now!

Whether it is fasting or simply controlling calories, the biggest problem is that even if you succeed in losing weight, you will have to fight against your appetite. Finally, your willpower will be defeated by your biological instinct and turn on the binge eating switch. Almost most people will gain weight. Please be honest with me, have you been losing weight in these two ways in the past, and have you been successful? Now that you are reading this article, it means that the previous weight loss did not work. Am I right?

Eliminate the "empty stomach feeling"

The thin body way that I recommend is not to reduce an amount of food extremely, also be not to reduce intake quantity of heat, eliminate, however "hollow feeling", give priority to with eating law to reduce weight. The body's response is fairly straightforward. Not only body shape, but also constitution and personal preferences can be changed by what you eat. Sustaining the right eating habits can lead to an amazing response, as our body tells us what to eat. My eating habits awakened the innate function of human beings, so long as I followed my instinct, there was no need to rack my brains to restrict eating.

I used to be a hippo that walked on two feet, and I ate three meals a day. Now build the perfect body by eating six to eight meals a day.

I eat six to eight food every day, this diet lasted for many years, during this time I never after fat, everyone sees me said: "you can't see four-digit." " I think this is because my eating habit is not only to lose weight but also effective in fighting to age.

After 13 years of eating six to eight meals a day, my body tells me what I want to eat and how much I want to eat without even thinking about it. This means that I have developed the constitution to listen to my body and never put on weight, which surprised even me. When traveling or eating out and I want to gorge, I don't eat too much at once to the point where my stomach is upset. This diet has made my stomach unconsciously smaller.

To be honest with you, when I first started eating six to eight meals a day, I didn't really hear my body, I didn't really try to listen (because I ate too much and gained weight), and then I started thinking about all sorts of solutions, and I decided that it had to be strategic. Focusing on eliminating the empty stomach, I came up with a plan to eat six to eight meals a day. The first step in following this diet is to divide the total amount of food you eat into six to eight meals a day. Perhaps because maintaining this diet has shrunk my stomach, the total amount of food I eat has actually continued to decrease.

In a word, at the beginning must have the correct idea, master "extreme fasting is the enemy of reducing weight, therefore must eat from time to time" this key, will eliminate fasting feeling as the first priority. The results were really amazing. Even though I was eating the same amount, I was losing weight by eating multiple meals. Plus I'm never hungry, so I don't build up stress.

The second priority is to start paying attention to the quality of the food. I follow a diet where "except for water, I treat everything I eat or drink (even a candy or a piece of chocolate) as a meal or snack." So I begin to focus on the quality of food. Even if you eat six to eight meals a day and want to eat healthily without going hungry, you must choose "nutritious and filling foods."

My daily diet content:

Breakfast 7:00

Brown rice, green river dish, tofu stir-fried minced meat, spinach miso soup, spicy bean sprouts, spicy cucumbers.

Snacks 10:00

Yogeshek the carrot

Lunch 12:00

Tofu Chicken Burger, Tomato Cheese Salad with Mozzarella, Herbal Tea

Snacks 14:00

Fruit (kiwi, strawberry, apple)

Snacks 16:00

Rice ball (white radish and oyster rice), asparagus sticks

Dinner 19:00

Baked grilled chicken with coconut salad with green flowers

Dim sum 21:00

Garlic tea

Eating because your stomach is empty? No, what's harder to resist than that is the brain's "Eat!" The signal.

Why is an empty stomach the enemy of weight loss?

Putting up with an empty stomach and not eating to lose weight does at first convert that stubborn body fat into calories, and it tends to decrease gradually. It feels like weight loss is successful, but unfortunately, it doesn't last. In fact, it's not just body fat that's lost, it's unwanted muscle as well. Muscles are said to account for up to 70 percent of the total calories burned throughout the day and are the key to boosting your basal metabolic rate. In other words, when you lose muscle mass, your basal metabolic rate drops all of a sudden.

These changes alone are enough to put you on the road to becoming obese, but what's more, it doesn't end there. The excessive hollow feeling can let the body feel a "survival crisis", think cannot absorb nutrition now and give an alarm, then the body can begin to use prudently a few nutrients that are absorbed rarely, store more body fat desperately. In short, it degenerates into an ultra-low metabolic constitution with a poor energy consumption rate.

Another danger is that an empty stomach creates stress, leaving the ordering brain in a weak state. As a result, the brain needs more nutrients to combat fatigue, creating cravings that cannot be rationally controlled. As a result, your body absorbs more calories than it did before you lost weight, converting them into body fat, which soon leads to weight gain. Did not think of hungry, bear the result of empty stomach feeling is fat actually, think really good desolate, be not? And eating only a little will also form fat, but become not easy to lose weight and easy to put on weight.

Although an empty stomach is the enemy but must endure before going to bed. Try not to eat three hours before bed!

I've already said that an empty stomach is the enemy of weight loss, but not before bed. When we are asleep, our body continues to function, generating basal metabolism, but because of inactivity, the number of calories metabolized decreases.

As important as not fasting is the success of weight loss secret is that the day to eat the food nutrition and calories, should be consumed in the day. To achieve this goal, it is wise to avoid eating (snacks) before bedtime during periods of low activity. That said, that doesn't mean you can't eat at night.

I often see a lot of weight loss reports suggest "eat dinner before 6pm, no food after 6pm". But I think it would be very difficult to do that in real life, even for me. Therefore, my self-imposed ground rule is that my last meal (snack) should be eaten three hours before bed.

Good sleep is important

Besides, a good night's sleep is essential to repair damaged cells and shift the body into slimming mode. If there is still undigested food in the stomach, it forces the gut to function fully, reducing the quality of sleep. When eating at night, in addition to paying attention to the timing of the meal, you should also make sure that the food you eat is conducive to the rest of the gut. For example, when I work late at night and get home, I usually make a simple salad with a hard-boiled egg with tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, and mushrooms. Eat moderate amounts of protein and fiber in the evening, and absolutely no carbs and fats.

White food is like the new virus "Foscreen"! Staple food (carbohydrates) must choose brown food! White foods include white rice, flour, and granulated sugar (white sugar). These are three foods that we can easily eat and eat without moderation. On the other hand, by deliberately avoiding these three foods, you can instantly improve the quality of your weight-loss diet.

Although the diet is less, but also to really take balanced nutrition, so that the body can supplement the appropriate amount of nutrition at any time, is the key to weight loss success. Unfortunately, white rice and flour have been refined to remove many of the best ingredients for weight loss.

Besides, the food made of these three ingredients is easy to taste, and it is addictive to eat. It is easy to eat too much, which will also cause a rapid rise in blood sugar value. Controlling blood sugar value is also one of the key points of successful weight loss.

Please be sure to avoid white food made of refined and pure sugar, and try to choose unrefined brown rice, whole wheat flour, and whole grains as your staple food. Don't be hostile to carbs! But be careful when you eat. I make a rule that I "don't eat after 4 p.m."

One way to lose weight, long revered by weight-loss devotees, is to cut out carbs. When people think of carbohydrates, they usually think of "rice." So many people think that "losing weight = skipping meals or eating less." In fact, this idea is quite dangerous. Without carbohydrates, the brain will not be able to directly absorb the necessary and the only source of calories "sugar" (rice is the best food for high-quality sugar intake), resulting in a state of low blood sugar in the body, easy to tired, weak, and reduced concentration.

Sugar is also an important source of calories when we are physically active, so if we don't eat it, our whole body will lose energy. Want to be thin below such circumstance beautiful, be predetermined wood begs a fish fundamentally.

As I said earlier, instead of white rice for carbs, eat unrefined grains such as brown rice and whole grains. Rice is not only rich in carbs, but also rich in protein. Unrefined grains are also rich in minerals. Plus, eating grains will make you feel full, so you can avoid eating too much.

For all of these reasons, carbohydrates are definitely not to be eaten and should be ingested cleverly. Having said that, when it comes to carbohydrate intake, choose the right time for your activity pattern. Everyone has different activities and different times of day, but most people sleep at night and stop activities, so I don't think it's necessary to eat carbs at night. In my case, I eat my portion of the day's main food (carbs) before a pre-dinner snack. In other words, almost no staple food after 4 p.m. Since I don't have the main food for dinner, I always have balls or sandwiches for dessert before dinner.

Even if you eat the same food, some people will get fat, and some people won't. It's all about the order in which you eat!

Due to my mother-in-law, I started to study diabetes regimen. After in-depth research, I found that a diet suitable for diabetic patients can not only maintain the health of my family but also help me to lose weight and fight aging.

The most important thing in daily diet is to take GI value as the selection benchmark to avoid blood sugar rise. Even if you eat the same dishes, as long as you pay attention to the order of eating, you can show different effects. Start with "fiber-rich vegetables," such as salads or salad dishes. Keep this order in mind, followed by protein and fat entrees such as fish and meat, followed by carbs (sugars) such as bread. This is also the order of the general banquet or set meal dishes.

Just following this eating sequence can make a huge difference, starting with fiber first. Strictly speaking, this means starting with low GI foods that don't raise blood sugar. Just remember to eat your vegetables first!

Please follow the order of vegetables (salad, salad), main courses (meat, fish), carbs (rice, bread). When ordering pasta a la carte at a restaurant, it's best to add a salad and start with the salad to make a difference.

10 Dietary Rules to Absolutely Remember

One, eat six to eight meals a day, never go hungry.

Small, frequent meals are the golden rule for staying hungry. Anything you put into your stomach counts toward your meal size.

No need to count calories!

Instead of focusing on calories, it's important to get the nutrients your body needs.

Three, the fasting weight loss law will lead to obesity & an easy fat constitution!

Fasting and weight loss will gradually reduce the metabolic rate, leading to the fat constitution, do not let their own constitution become "do not eat but also become fat"!

Fourth, the main food (carbohydrates) should be eaten before evening.

Carbohydrates are important nutrients that provide calories to your body, but if you eat them at night, they can turn into body fat. Be careful!

Five, please think about the order of eating before you care about the amount!

As long as the order of change diet can change the absorption rate of nutrients, since want thin, be about to eat smart, smart thin!

Six, do not eat white food (white rice, sugar, flour).

White food can be said to be "stimulating fertilizer", as a new kind of virus! Basically, carbohydrates must choose brown.

Eat colorful ingredients when you don't know how to eat them!

7. Eat colorful ingredients when you don't know how to eat them!

Colorful antioxidants don't just create perfect flesh, they also help fight to age!

Eight, the heavy taste is the cause of overeating, food taste must be light.

Use herbs and spices skillfully to satisfy your taste buds and avoid eating too much!

Nine, three hours before going to bed, absolutely can't eat!

Nighttime is the time for your body to rest, so make sure your last meal is eaten three hours before bedtime.

Ten, each week set a day of physical and mental liberation day, to relieve the pressure!

Overtolerance can lead to stress, and in the long run, overeating. Be sure to reward yourself!


I think there is no end to losing weight because being beautiful is a never-ending pursuit, so losing weight is only meaningful if it lasts for a lifetime. Of course, the most important thing for long-term sustainability and habit building is not to give up halfway, and not to set too high a goal at first. It is suggested that you set a goal that is easy to achieve and the threshold is low. Gradually accumulate successful experience and get a sense of achievement from it, which will encourage you to stick to it.

A set of the small target can every day is different, also can continue until a habit, such as "no sports day be sure to clean the Windows or sweep the floor," "every day must have five colors of vegetables", "drive out, just to park your car in the parking lot is far from our destination, increase walking distance" and so on, is the very good small target. You may think these goals are too small, but they are the best way to keep your beauty.

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