What should we do if we lose more?

Core tip: if you want to lose weight, you can only control your mouth, open your legs, cooperate with appropriate drugs, there is no shortcut to go! Do not be anxious to lose weight, and step into the error of weight loss, and then cause irreversible damage to the body!

For losing weight for five or six years, but the more you lose weight, the more fat you get. I feel that many people have this experience, as far as the people around me are concerned.

Mr. Zhang, 32 years old, is always clamoring to lose weight. He is not very fat, 173cm, 75kg. But after losing weight for half a year, it became 78kg, which was once very hard. Why does Mr. Zhang lose weight more and more? Because of its poor self-control, every time you start to lose weight, you will eat a big meal, which means that this is a start, and you will start to lose weight after this meal. But the body is a particularly magical existence, that is, it is very difficult to adhere to a diet after a full meal. After the memory of hunger remains in my body, I will tell you that I need energy. After three days of persistence, Mr. Zhang gave up. It's too difficult. After giving up, he entered the next stage of eating. Therefore, in half a year, Mr. Zhang struggled on the way of losing weight - giving up - continuing to lose weight - continuing to give up and finally lost more weight.

Ms. Jia, 29 years old, 165cm, 70kg, is slightly fat. She envies that her friends can wear a cheongsam, so she has the idea of losing weight. In order to lose weight, she even spent a lot of money to buy a cheongsam that she likes very much and put it in front of her bed to encourage her determination to lose weight. But unfortunately, Ms. Jia is very at home. For her, she can not eat, but she can not go out. In order to lose weight, I bought a yoga mat, a dancing machine, and even a treadmill... Half a year later, the fitness equipment fell to dust, but Ms. Jia's confidence in losing weight almost disappeared.

Why some people lose weight very easily, some people lose weight very difficult? Granny Zhang once asked me, saying that I haven't seen you for half a year, why do you feel so thin? I said I lost weight. Granny Zhang said that you have a good physique and want to lose weight so quickly. I told her: it's not easy for everyone to lose weight. Who can know that when they go to bed, their dreams are full of the feeling of roast chicken and goose? Who can know that they don't want to walk and have to force themselves to run? They have experienced the bitterness of losing weight and they know it.

Lose weight reduced 56 years, more reduce more fat, how to do? It can only be said that the method is wrong, or there is no self-control or perseverance. What if all these are achieved or can't be reduced? Only with the help of drugs, WHO guidelines recommend: keep your mouth shut, keep your legs open, and appropriate drugs are the three important factors for weight loss. If you can't reduce it anymore, and the BMI index has risen to more than 30, what should you do? It's just surgery. A lot of people believe that the advertisement of "20 jin off in 10 days" on TV is really possible? Impossible. It's a very unhealthy way to lose weight. Obesity comes from one bite at a time. The fastest way to lose weight is to have liposuction.

If you want to lose weight, you can only control your mouth, open your legs, cooperate with the right drugs, there is no shortcut to go! Do not be anxious to lose weight, and step into the error of losing weight, and then cause irreversible damage to the body

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