What is the reason of thick neck?

Uncle Benshan has a sketch that says "the neck is thick, either a rich man or a cook". The thick here means that the person is fat, but not all the neck is thick because of fat. There are many reasons for the thick neck. Let's get to know Xiaobian today

How to judge if your neck is really thick?

Under normal circumstances, the average man's neck circumference is 38 cm, women's neck circumference is 35 cm is the best range of neck circumference. Generally speaking, neck circumference should be equal to calf abdomen circumference.

Methods: the tape can be horizontally placed at the thinnest part of the neck for measurement, that is, the upper edge of the seventh cervical vertebra behind the neck (the most prominent part behind the neck when you touch it when you lower your head), to the lower part of the front laryngeal knot to complete the measurement.

Objective rough

Some people touch the back of their neck and find a thick layer of meat, so they want to lose weight. In fact, the meat behind their neck is a cervical fat pad, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. After losing weight, the meat will not disappear, which has something to do with race and individual differences, and life habits. There is no need to be too nervous.

If there is too much meat on the neck, the accumulation of meat may also form obvious necklines. This kind of food needs to lose weight.

Morbid coarseness

A thick neck is often seen in goiter, which is related to iodine deficiency. It can be supplemented by food intake, such as eating more seafood and eating iodized salt reasonably. It is generally and easily treated. The possibility of hyperthyroidism can not be ruled out. Antithyroid drugs and symptomatic treatment should be used to control the symptoms. The treatment of the above diseases is different, should be confirmed by a thyroid function test, after the diagnosis of treatment.

Recommended neck massage

The key point is to strengthen the blood circulation and discharge the old waste materials out of the body. Relieve muscle tension, improve double chin and necklines.

Step1: Apply the cream to the neck and press the clavicle horizontally with the index finger and middle finger to promote circulation.

Step 2: massage the neck from bottom to top with the pulp of four fingers to tighten and relax the skin.

Step 3: massage from the intraarticular gland behind the ear to facilitate the discharge of wastes from the lymph.

Step 4: hold your face with your palm, lift your face with your thumb, and remove sagging and double chin.

Step 5: Finally, gently pull the neck skin to improve muscle fatigue and enhance elasticity.

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