The most effective way for white collar workers to thin their arms

Core tip: Many white-collar workers are very busy at work. They spend a whole day sitting in the office dealing with computers. After a long time, they feel uncomfortable. Sitting and not exercising results in the growth of meat in all parts of the body. White-collar workers can try these thin arm methods recommended today.

1. Lift your legs on the chair

1. Keep your feet one and a half shoulder wide apart, sit in a chair, put your hands in front of your chest, keep your back straight, close your eyes, relax your body and keep breathing naturally;

2. Hold your chest up when you inhale and sink when you exhale to feel your body's breathing balance;

3. Slowly extend your hands upward, raise your head straight, close your palms on your head, put your fingertips upward, and stand out your chest. Feel the extension of your back and arms, and keep breathing naturally. Keep breathing for about 10-20 breaths;

4. When doing this action, you can also cooperate with the movement of the sole of the foot to relax, and your feet are flat on the mat.

2. Lift the water cup behind

The water cup can be used for daily drinking, or it can be a mineral water bottle. Of course, it should be filled with water, and it should not be too small.

1. Sit on a chair with legs together, hold a water bottle in your left hand and lift it up, and bend your right elbow to support your left elbow;

2. When inhaling and exhaling, bend your left elbow back to put down the water bottle, and then lift it again, so that the left and right hands repeat 15-20 times.

Office these two moves, you can in the lunch break or work break more practice, will be able to see very good effect Oh. No matter how busy we are, we also have weekends. When we are at home, we should not be idle. We can do these sports.

The first way to stay at home

Sit on a chair with a back, hold a dictionary or a bottle of water of appropriate weight over your head with both hands, keep your upper arm still, and stretch and bend your forearm to the back of your head. When the forearm is extended backward, it is not completely straight, keeping a certain range of tension, and it is not completely relaxed when flexing. The forearm and upper arm form a 90-degree angle.

The second way to stay at home

Open your feet as wide as your shoulders, and walk on the railing or desktop. Do not bend the elbow, slightly bend the knee, straighten the back, center on the shoulder, and press the upper body down for 20 seconds.

The third way to stay at home

One hand on the edge of the sofa, arms straight. Side up, legs together. The other hand is extended to the ceiling, making the body "big". Stop for a moment and do it on the other side.

The fourth way to stay at home

Stand with feet together and back to the wall, about 1.5 meters away from the wall. Put your hands on the wall, palms down, palms and fingertips opposite, arms straight. Slowly press the body down, while pressing, exhale outward, stand up after stopping for 3-5 seconds, and inhale when standing up; repeat this action 15-20 times.

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