The secret of slim and Sexy French women

Core tip: most French women are sexy and slim, which is the envy of girls all over the world. The reporter found that the "secret" for French girls to keep slim is to "eat in balance".

Most French women are sexy and slim, which is the envy of girls all over the world. The reporter found that the "secret" for French girls to keep slim is to "eat in balance".

I'm the best example. After arriving in France, I like French food, pork, beef, sheep, dessert, everything. The result is not only not fat, but slimmer so that my mother worried about my lack of food every day. In fact, French eating habits make me a "eat everything" guy, and make me in the best nutritional state, keep a good figure.

The French usually eat a lot of high-fat food. French traditional breakfast is crescent bread and other foods containing a lot of butter, and the proportion of sugar in desserts is not small. However, the incidence of cardiovascular disease in France is lower than that in other countries. Besides drinking wine, the key is to eat a balanced diet. For example, crescent bread has a large amount of butter, but the maximum amount of each bread is only 20 grams. A cup of coffee, a cup of juice, and a crescent bread constitute a nutritious breakfast for the French.

We Chinese are used to "having enough at noon and less at night". But here the habit is completely reversed, the French eat less at noon, dinner is the most abundant meal of the day.

At noon, most people do not like to eat too much, the French tend to order the main course, at most plus fruit or dessert. On the one hand, the lunch break is tight. On the other hand, if you eat too much, you will not feel energetic in the afternoon. But in the evening, even a simple family has to eat several dishes. Moreover, the French have dinner later than China, and our family only has dinner at 8:30 p.m. in principle, we have to be fat, but the French are still slim. The key lies in the proper weight and balance. For example, the first dish is mostly fresh lettuce. The practice of ordinary families is very simple, and the fresh fruits and vegetables are cut and watered. Of course, there are many main courses, such as eating meat and seafood. After that, dessert, cheese, no mistake. The rhythm of the dinner here is very slow, one by one, flowing slowly, eating while digesting. Of course, the most important word is balance. If the first dish is fresh vegetables and the main course is steak, it will help the stomach digest the food. After dessert, a small cup of coffee or light tea can also promote digestion.

Last year, the French woman writer mire Gillian published a book called "French women don't eat fat.". In the book, the author said: "this is not a" book for weight loss ", but a new life concept and philosophy for readers from all over the world, that is, we can eat everything." I think it can clarify some misunderstanding of diet for readers. In fact, there is no necessary connection between health and eating thin. The key is to see whether thin is healthy or because of illness or lack of nutrition. If it is the former, why not?

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