The fastest way to thin your back

 Core tip: what is the fastest way to thin back? When the female stars don't agree with each other, they show off their backs. Ah, Jiao puts on her tuxedo after her weight-loss success, and she envies others. The perfection of the backline is also a very important part of looking at the figure. The following Xiaobian will introduce the two most effective movements of the thin back, so that you can say goodbye to the ugly back in the fastest time, and return your elegant S-curve. Are you excited? Come and have a look!

The perfect back will not only look good in clothes but also get rid of the title of "tiger back bear waist". What's more, it seems that the whole person is a lot of sexy. Even if you wear tight clothes, it looks very good. The back is easy to accumulate fat and become "tiger's back", and the back is the least likely to lose fat. Many yoga postures are aimed at the back, which can not only relieve the back pain, eliminate the back fat, but also correct the hunchback phenomenon.

Auspicious style


1. This movement stretches the back as far as possible, reduces the back fat;

2. Open arms at the same time, but also expand the role of the chest, so often practice, the chest also has a certain decorative role. Repeat times: 5 times

Action tips:

1. Sit on the mat, bend your legs, with the soles of your feet opposite. Touch your knees to the ground as much as possible to adjust your breathing.

2. Put your hands together behind your back with your fingertips up, feel your arms stretched, raise your head and hold your chest straight, and look straight ahead with your eyes. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then slowly relax and return to the original position.

Lizard style

Efficacy: relieve back stiffness and tension, eliminate back excess fat. Repeat times: 10 times

Action tips:

1. Sit on the mat in a Vajra posture, inhale, bend your elbows, hold the other elbow with your left and right hands crossed, move your hands forward, lean your elbows on the mat, and lean your upper body forward.

2. Exhale and slide your elbows forward as far as you can until your chest is on the ground. The lower part of the body stands up, the buttocks are tilted to the sky, the thighs and legs are at a 90-degree angle, and the back is in a straight line. Breathe gently, hold the posture for about 15 seconds, then relax and return to the original position.

If you find it difficult to hold your elbows on the mat with your hands crossed, you can release your hands, slide forward naturally, and put your palms down on the mat.

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