Soak your feet to lose 8 kg

Core tip: no matter what kind of weight loss methods must adhere to the effect. This foot soaking method, does not need too much effort, the effect of weight loss is relatively slow, but this method will make the body more and more healthy, persevere, you will be glad to find that the figure is getting better and better!

The information of netizens who share the secret to lose weight by soaking their feet is as follows

Occupation: Teacher

Age: 25

Height: 162cm

Unique secret: lose weight by soaking your feet

The most sorry state in Prehistory: 118 poud

Current best condition: 102 poud

Weight loss experience:

Modern people often hide in the air-conditioned room, unbalanced diet, irregular life, coupled with the invisible pressure of life, it is easy to lead to the gradual deterioration of blood circulation, causing edema. The lack of exercise will only make the situation worse, especially for girls who are more likely to cause edema or lower body obesity and other problems. At this time, it's more appropriate to lose weight by soaking your feet. It can also warm up your body. Just soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes every day.

Weight loss principle:

At the beginning of foot soaking, a warm feeling will come from the sole of the foot. After a few minutes, the body will feel hot, and then the hot gas will circulate to every corner of the body with the blood, and the accumulated old waste will be discharged from the body. This can dispel the chill in the body and adjust the balance of the endocrine. It can not only achieve the effect of weight loss but also eliminate insomnia, headache, physiological discomfort, and other symptoms.

Essential items:

A plastic bucket should be large enough for feet to soak in easily. A thermos bottle filled with hot water for standby. Essential oil or bath salt: you can choose a variety that can relax your nerves.

Method of soaking feet:

1. Inject 15-20cm deep water into the plastic bucket. The water temperature should be 41-42c. It's better to measure it with the temperature or take the bath temperature as the criterion, and then add essential oil or bath salt.

2. Sit in a comfortable chair and put your feet in the bucket. The basic soaking time is 15-20 minutes.

3. When the water temperature gradually gets cold, slowly pour the hot water in the thermos into the bucket and continue to soak your feet. Be careful not to be scalded by hot water.

4. After soaking, dry your feet and put on socks to keep warm. If you apply foot care cream, you can also give your feet beauty. Finally, drink warm water to supplement water and promote metabolism.

5. 1-4 steps, if possible, can be repeated 1-3 times a day, the effect will be doubled!

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