Is winter jujube high in calories?

Winter jujube is one of the fruits that many people like to eat, but for many friends who lose weight, the most worrying thing is the heat of winter jujube, for fear that eating too much will cause obesity. So, in the end, eat winter jujube will not fat?

Does winter jujube eat high calories?

Is winter jujube high in calories?

113 kcal (100g edible part).

Winter jujube contains 113 calories per 100g, which is higher than other fruits. Dongo is rich in nutrition. In addition to other nutrients, Dongzao pulp is also rich in 19 kinds of amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, D, etc., which are needed by the human body.

Eat winter jujube can fat

Moderate consumption will not cause obesity. Although the calories of winter jujube are higher than many fruits, they are rich in cellulose and have a strong sense of satiety. Controlling the consumption during weight loss can help promote digestion, enhance the sense of satiety, and reduce the intake of other high-fat foods, which is helpful for weight loss, but if you eat too much, it will cause no effect.

How many winter jujubes a day

Winter jujube is also not recommended to eat, because the sugar content in winter jujube is relatively high, and the excess sugar is also converted into fat, so eating winter jujube properly will make us slim, but if we eat too much, it will lead to obesity. We suggest that you should not eat more than 10 winter jujubes every day.

Well, about the winter jujube heat simple share to this, you can see that the price is still high, so friends who are losing weight can not eat too much.

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