Is the cling film weight loss really reliable?

Now people like to be slim, but for lazy people who don't want to exercise, they just want some shortcuts, common sense, and various new patterns, hoping to achieve the goal of losing weight. Today, let's see if the preservative film diet really works.

Everyone is afraid of being fat because being too fat will not only lead to a substantial decline in physical strength but also make you pant when you walk around. And it's easy to be targeted by diseases. Among them, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, and other diseases, are favored by obese people. In addition, there is too much fat on the body, so it doesn't look good in clothes. Whether it's for health or for good looks, it's suggested that women should lose weight in time. In life, some people use wrapping plastic film to lose weight. For those who haven't used it, they will ask: is the plastic film really reliable? Let's take a look at it.

Is the plastic film diet really reliable?

A: of course not! What this method loses is only the moisture in the body, not the fat that really makes women fat. Because the body wrapped in a thick plastic wrap, because of heat and leave a lot of sweat. A lot of sweat out, equivalent to the body's water out. Although the weight loss is obvious, the rebound speed is very fast. As long as you re drink water, soup, intake sufficient water. When a lot of water comes back into the body, the weight increases immediately.

Fat is not consumed because it's wrapped in plastic wrap. It's just tightly wrapped and looks like the meat is a little tighter. But in fact, when the plastic film is removed, the soft flesh will spread out again and return to its original appearance. In addition, the improper use of plastic film weight loss method will bring harm to the body.

1. Allergy, the preservative film itself belongs to chemicals, for the skin is more sensitive, direct contact with the body skin, it is easy to be stimulated by chemicals, and skin allergy.

Is the plastic film diet really reliable? How to lose weight? Is it effective to take a walk after dinner?

2. Suffering from folliculitis, eczema, the body skin wrapped in plastic film, the skin will always be in a sealed environment. Skin metabolites cannot be excreted in time. And the skin will also be unable to heat, resulting in a lot of sweat accumulation. In this way, the skin is prone to folliculitis, eczema, and other skin diseases.

3, poisoning, some of the preservative film production process, add anti-aging agents, antioxidants, and even contain some heavy metals. If these substances enter the body through skin pores, it is easy to cause an accumulation of toxins in the body, resulting in chronic poisoning.

So, the preservative film weight loss method is really unreliable. Suggest women lose weight, or think about other ways to lose weight, will be more reliable.

How can women lose weight effectively?

1. Keep your mouth shut

Many women get fat because of poor eating habits. For example, they are very picky about food. When they encounter dishes they don't like, they don't eat at all. When you are hungry, you can buy all kinds of snacks (such as chips, chips, spicy chips, cakes, candy, etc.), many of which are high in calories. They don't seem to eat much, but in fact, they have exceeded the standard. For example, when you are in a bad mood, you like to overeat. If you eat too much, you will not be able to digest it in your stomach. Eventually, it will accumulate in your body and become fat in your body.

So we should control our mouths in our daily life. Three meals a day should be eaten on time, and the amount of food should be controlled, not too much or too little. Every day's dishes should be reasonably matched with meat and vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, it will affect the fat intake, reduce the metabolic capacity, and also easily lead to obesity.

2. Open your thighs

Besides eating habits, women's weight gain is also related to lack of exercise. They sit all day long and seldom exercise. If they don't exercise, they will consume less. When the body heat is too high can not be consumed in time, it is easy to convert into fat pile in the body, let your waist and abdomen become thick, appear the whole person bloated.

So, after eating, you might as well take a walk, take a walk, promote digestion, promote consumption, in order to help lose weight.

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