How to keep away from fatty liver

Core tip: according to the information released by the Health Bureau, the obesity rate of adult residents is 21.1%. According to 15 million adult residents in Beijing, more than 3 million people in Beijing suffer from fatty liver. Most patients with abdominal protrusion have fatty liver, and patients with fatty liver have a high risk of diabetes in the future. So, how to prevent fatty liver?

The content of the following article is transferred from the microblog of fan Zhihong, a doctor of food science.

1. Attention of foreign diners

Foreign diners often have to eat out. But that doesn't mean you have to be big. When ordering dishes, try not to order fried, fried, crispy, dry pot, boiled dishes, because they are too high in fat, and fat after a long time of heating, fat oxidation products are particularly large, especially harmful to cardiovascular. You can order more steamed, boiled, stewed, and cold dishes. The kind of big chunks of greasy meat dishes, such as garlic bone, roast mutton, cowboy bone, try not to move chopsticks

Cool dishes must be more fresh raw vegetables, such as "big mixed vegetables", "big harvest" and so on. Staple food as far as possible point "five-grain bumper", "coarse grain basket" and so on. In this way, even if there are greasy dishes on the table, chopsticks also have more opportunities to extend to those light and less oily foods.

The "staple food" in restaurants is white, soft, or fried, so it's wise to eat less. Steamed pumpkin steamed sweet potato steamed corn in coarse grain basket is quite suitable. You can only eat half full when you are out. You must never eat to the full of your stomach. If you are worried about feeling hungry at night, you can go home and make up for it.

Wine, of course not. To protect yourself, it's no harm to exaggerate your illness. Now that your transaminase is abnormal, just tell your friends at the table that no one will force you to drink. Knowing that someone's liver function is abnormal rather than drinking should be defined as intentional injury. For those who deliberately hurt you, what can you do to give them face?

2. Home diet

Because there are too many meat and vegetables to eat outside, there is a serious shortage of vegetables, and there are almost no coarse grains and beans to eat. When you go home, you have to make up for it. Therefore, eating at home must be one meat with three vegetables, specifically a low-fat fish or meat or egg, green leafy vegetables, boiled or stewed other vegetables, a cold dish. It's better to replace fish with bean products for dinner.

A staple food, we should eat more coarse grains and beans, otherwise, the goal of 25 grams of fiber a day can not be achieved. White steamed bread and white rice can only be eaten once a day. One meal should be replaced with bean porridge, oatmeal porridge, sweet potato, and taro, and the other meal should be at least half of the whole grains.

For example, the dishes for dinner are a small plate of spinach with sesame paste, a bowl of white radish stewed in chicken soup, a small plate of cold chrysanthemum, a small plate of shredded sesame and cucumber with shredded tofu, and a bowl of mixed bean and oatmeal porridge. In this way, you eat enough, potassium, magnesium, calcium, a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fiber, a large number of accounts, there is no lack of protein, but little fat.

For example, eat milk oatmeal porridge as the staple food for breakfast, white rice for lunch in the unit, baked sweet potato, and mixed bean eight treasure porridge without sugar for dinner. If you are hungry at night, you can eat fruit and drink yogurt.

3. Pay attention to sports and daily life

The common problem of patients with fatty liver is that they are lazy and do not like exercise. The lazier, the more fat accumulation, waist, and abdomen fat, the fatter, the heavier the body, lazy activity, is a vicious circle. Breaking this vicious circle depends on whether you have willpower. It is suggested that starting from Friday, we should refuse all social activities in the evening and go to bed early. Wake up naturally in the morning, pack up after breakfast, change into sportswear, and go out to the park or green space with good air nearby. I'm sure I'm in a good mood when I walk for more than an hour in the warm sunshine with my wife.

But that's not enough. Daily activities are also important. At the weekend, we must buy vegetables, cook and clean. Doing more housework is also helpful for reducing fat. From Monday to Friday, I have to go out with my wife in the evening and walk for more than 40 minutes. Buy a pedometer to wear every day, so you can measure your daily activity. Every day we must reach more than 8000 steps, preferably 10000.、

In the beginning, you may have poor physical fitness. If you take a few steps to do some work, you will be sweating and tired. Just stick to it for a month. As soon as your physical fitness increases, speed up your walking speed and extend your distance, and you can walk as fast as you can. When you get to that state, the fat in your liver will definitely disappear a lot. After long-term persistence, the waistline will naturally shrink, and you will find that the female colleagues around you look at you differently - because you are in good shape, energetic, and more handsome!


Fatty liver can be recovered by exercise. One of the important causes of simple fatty liver is too little daily exercise. If the amount of exercise is large enough, even if there is more fat in the diet, it can be consumed through aerobic exercise, and will not accumulate in the viscera.

2. If the work is mainly sitting and you don't have enough exercise, you must manage your diet well. Not only to cook less oil, do not eat sweets, do not drink, but also to reduce white and soft, through coarse grains beans potato vegetables to effectively increase dietary fiber. Because almost all people with fatty liver have excessive body fat, they must lose weight. After reducing the waist and abdomen fat, the liver fat deposition will naturally reduce, and the risk of diabetic heart disease will also decrease.

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