How long does natural labor use to receive abdominal belt

Core tip: many hospitals in maternal production, will recommend their own abdominal to maternal, tell her to use in time, will let the body as soon as possible. Reasonable use of abdominal belt for postpartum body shape recovery has a huge impact, but if used carelessly, it may also have a negative impact Oh, today Xiaobian specifically introduces the maternal abdominal belt.

Postpartum how long can you use an abdominal belt?

Natural childbirth of the mother after confinement can use a postpartum abdominal belt. Some mothers think that there is no wound in the abdomen after natural childbirth, so they can use the abdominal belt immediately, but it is not. After delivery, there is a lot of congestion, gas, and other body fluids in the mother's abdomen, which needs to be naturally eliminated through the body's circulation. If the postpartum abdominal belt is used too early, it will only limit the blood circulation in the body, which is not conducive to the discharge of lochia in the body, nor is it conducive to smooth breathing, which is not good for organ recovery. Besides, the early use of an abdominal belt will also put the force on the top of the pelvis, which may force the soft pelvis to expand, which is not conducive to the recovery of the pelvis.

In general, it is suggested that mothers who give birth naturally should start to use a pelvic correction belt after they recover well after delivery, and then use a special postpartum abdominal belt after one month to help shape their body.

Using the method of the abdominal belt

There are many kinds of abdominal belts, such as elastic belts, underpants, and belt, but their basic principles are the same. They are made of a high elastic rubber band, which can keep the body curve by compressing the abdominal fat in a small range. The abdominal belt should be put on half an hour after meals and after urination every day. It should be taken off before going to bed.

Besides, the mother of natural childbirth in wearing an abdominal belt at the same time should also strengthen exercise, often do leg lifting, sit-ups and some maternal exercise, don't take the abdominal belt for a long time.

We also need to remember that we are talking about mothers who give birth naturally. If you give birth by cesarean section, it is not suitable to eat an abdominal belt for a long time after removing abdominal stitches.

Postpartum bodybuilding

Aimee's mother has noticed that she must tie her abdominal belt after giving birth, and even sleep is no exception. This can not only help the recovery of the body but also prevent visceral sagging and skin relaxation, eliminate the role of stretch marks. However, if you want to use the abdominal belt that is really for pregnant women, it is a long strip-shaped belt. You can bind your abdomen freely, from bottom to top, along the curve of your body. Only in this way can you lift the sagging abdomen completely, support and shape it. Besides, although the parturient should avoid labor, it is necessary to exercise moderately to eliminate the fat of the waist and buttock and restore elasticity. Generally speaking, after 14 days postpartum, you can start abdominal muscle contraction, sit-ups, and other sports. For mothers who like aerobic dance, you have to wait for 6 weeks to start again. In short, for postpartum exercise to persevere, the effect will be surprisingly good.

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