Five effective ways to lose weight for lazy people

Core tip: losing weight doesn't necessarily mean sweating or a painful diet. Weight loss is a gradual process, which can be easily reduced by changing daily habits. This paper introduces 9 weight loss methods for lazy people.

1. Burning grease at work

In the office, replace the office chair with a large balance ball. As the body needs to adjust its balance from time to time while sitting on the balance ball, it can burn 260 calories at the end of the day.

2. Don't eat starch two days a week

Rice, noodles, and potatoes are the direct sources of starch, which is the source of heat. Eat only vegetables, meat, and fruit two days a week to give body fat a burning neutral.

3. Chewing gum when greedy

When you are greedy, you need to restrain the impulse to eat snacks. Chew gum first. Even if you can't help eating, you will eat 10% less than when you don't chew gum.

4. Reduce bedroom problems

Sleeping in a cool, low-temperature bedroom will burn more calories. 19 degrees is the ideal temperature.

5. Eat more spicy food

Put pepper in dishes, can accelerate the metabolism rate as high as 23%, there is combustion fat.

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