Which exercise methods can effectively reduce abdominal fat

Many white-collar workers sit for a long time, so it's easy to accumulate fat in their abdomen. To keep a perfect figure, they need to do more exercise to lose weight. So how to reduce their abdomen? Let's see.

What exercise is good to reduce the abdomen?

1. Rope skipping.

When it comes to rope skipping, many women are familiar with it, but not everyone can learn to master the magic effect of rope skipping. In terms of the amount of exercise, skipping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to the energy consumed by jogging for 30 minutes or jumping for 20 minutes. Therefore, rope skipping is also an aerobic exercise, which can consume a lot of heat in a short time. Considering the special health care function of rope skipping for women, fitness experts specially designed a rope skipping training program for female bodybuilders. In the beginning, you only need to jump in place for 1 minute. After 3 days, you can jump for 3 minutes continuously. After 3 months, you can jump for 10 minutes continuously. After half a year, you can do a "series jump" every day.

Which exercise methods can effectively reduce abdominal fat? These four exercises keep you in perfect shape

2. Swimming.

Swimmers also consume a lot of calories during aerobic exercise. Because the heat transfer capacity of water is 28 times that of air, the heat consumed by people staying in water for 8 minutes is the same as that consumed under the same temperature in 2 hours. Therefore, it has a better slimming effect. Swimmers' metabolism is very fast. They can consume 1100 kilojoules of heat in 30 minutes, and this metabolic rate can be maintained for a period of time after you leave the water, so swimmers are an ideal way to lose weight. The swimmer's body is supported by the buoyancy of the water surface, hands and feet are used together, the joints and muscles of the whole body are coordinated, and all parts of the body are extended, making the body more symmetrical.

3. Running.

Generally speaking, when running, the bodyweight is mainly concentrated on one leg. To maintain the body balance, the abdominal muscles should not only keep tight but also make the trunk (2 / 3 of the total body weight) keep straight in the movement. Also, running consumes a lot of calories. According to the speed of running, it generally consumes 490-1103 kilocalories per hour.

5. Sit-ups

Sit-ups can effectively reduce excess abdominal fat, is a good way to lose weight. And do sit-ups, waist exercise is the largest, exercise waist heat consumption, over time will achieve the effect of reducing abdominal fat. It is recommended to do 100 sit-ups every day in the evening or at night, and you will find that the fat on your stomach has disappeared.

Which exercise methods can effectively reduce abdominal fat? These four exercises keep you in perfect shape

What to eat to reduce abdomen good?

1. Lotus root slices.

Lotus root has a diuretic effect, can promote the rapid excretion of waste in the body, to purify the blood. It's good to eat lotus root slices both cold and hot. Beat lotus root slices into juice and directly season them with honey, or heat them with a small fire and add some sugar. Drink while it's hot.

2. Sweet potato.

This product contains cellulose, soft, and easy to digest, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help defecate. The best way to eat is to roast sweet potato, and bake the skin together, eat together, taste sweet and delicious.

Which exercise methods can effectively reduce abdominal fat? These four exercises keep you in perfect shape

3. Yogurt.

Why yogurt can lose weight? Because yogurt contains a large number of active lactic acid bacteria, its effect is to regulate the balance of bacteria in the body, speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis, to eliminate constipation; moreover, yogurt has a strong sense of fullness, when you have a slight sense of hunger, drink a cup of yogurt can alleviate hunger, reduce your desire for the next meal.

4. Celery.

Celery is a high fiber food, it can not only speed up the running time of feces in the gut but also produce a kind of lignin or intestinal lipid, an antioxidant, which can inhibit the bacteria in the gut to produce carcinogens. So eat celery not only can thin stomach, and can prevent colon cancer.

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