Live to have a meal really eat not fat?

Core tips: healthy diet, moderate exercise, keep a good mood, I hope you all become a beautiful fairy!

A few years ago, the big eaters and now the big eaters have become objects of adoration for many, watching them eat bowls and bowls of all kinds of food while still being slim. How do these people do it? Is it really the constitution?

In ancient times, food production was relatively low, and people's production level was backward. Many people were hungry many times, so frugality evolved slowly. After eating, the body stores as much energy as it can for the next hunger.

But in the modern era of food abundance, the frugality gene has become a burden. The excess energy is converted into fat and stored in the body, making people fatter and fatter. And now physical labor gradually reduced, mental work gradually increased, for a lot of mental workers a day 5000 steps are not up to, sitting for a long time to cause abdominal fat thicker and thicker, the formation of abdominal obesity, and abdominal obesity than the overall obesity is more harmful to the body.

Can you really eat lots of meat, lots of starchy foods, even puffed foods and fizzy drinks without getting fat? If there is no external assistance, it is not possible!

The possibilities are as follows:

1. People suffering from diseases such as chronic malabsorption syndrome or hyperthyroidism may need to consume too much food every day to ensure energy intake = energy consumption. But even so, few people can eat such a high-calorie diet every day and still stay healthy and slim.

The food eaten into the body is not digested and absorbed, it is used to spit out of the body with some external force. Now online a called XX tube sales are very hot, the use of the emetic method will eat the food into the body again spit out, which is very harmful to the body of a kind of practice.

① It is not clear whether the tube has been tested for safety or whether the tube has been sterilized.

② Putting such a long tube into oneself is a huge safety hazard.

(3) long-term emetic will make the throat hurt, in the long run, may lead to chronic pharyngitis, and even cause cancer.

3. Eating may not eat so much food, but make people feel that they eat too much using certain background conversion. Therefore, this kind of behavior should not be imitated, which is very dangerous and does great harm to the body.

Many people are asking, "How can I lose weight?" Overweight people want to get down to fairy shape, already thin people are worried about getting fat, postpartum mothers are anxious to know how to get back to being super hot...

It seems that everyone needs to lose weight. But how to lose weight correctly?

In fact, the conclusion is to find the right person, lead you to find the right method, then it is no longer difficult to lose weight.

1. How to eat? Three meals a day, no less. Many people say that if you want to lose weight, you have to go on a diet. I do not agree with this method very much, because if you go on a diet, you can reach the effect in a short time, but many people are hard to stick to it and especially easy to rebound.

① My experience is that we must eat three meals, but do not eat full, generally eat to 6 full, then you can eat a little fruit. If you are worried that you will not be able to control your mouth once you have a meal, it is suggested that you can drink a bowl of porridge first, after drinking, eat slowly, you will find that your intake of food will be reduced.

② dinner is generally earlier than 7 o 'clock to eat, immediately after eating teeth, absolutely can not eat any food, can not help but drink water, other time is also.

2. How to move? For many people, they don't want to move. Force yourself to exercise.

① Don't ride an electric bike on the way to work. Walk or run if the distance is near. If the distance is far, you can ride a bicycle.

② Don't take the elevator when going up and down the stairs.

④ appropriately increase the amount of water, increase the number of times to the toilet, but also can increase the amount of exercise.

3. Use medication. For patients who have more overweight, especially those who have chronic diseases and other complications, it is recommended to choose some drugs, but attention must be paid to the process of drug selection:

1, be sure to choose products with national medicine approval, obesity is a disease since it is a disease need to be treated with drugs.

2. Try to choose products that only act on the gastrointestinal tract, do not enter the blood, do not enter the blood, and will not cause harm to other organs of the body.

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