Does the Copenhagen Diet Work

Core Tip: Does the Copenhagen Diet Work? Below is a netizen Sophia's real experience in the implementation of the Copenhagen Diet, which is written in every detail, has a certain effect, but it is also difficult to adhere to. Finally, 39 reduce weight or want a sweet hint, Copenhagen law to reduce weight is a bit extreme, not very healthy, everyone should be careful with.

The net friend Sophia:

Because I broke my bone in the middle of June 2010, my weight before the fracture was 62-63kg, and my height was 169.5cm. Boned and brawny, typical of the north. Because the fracture is more serious, so the cultivation is 1 year, this year I eat and drink that is said to be unscrupulous, but to cultivate a good body also can not take into account so much. It was not until July 2011 that I recovered (completely without lameness) and my weight was 73KG. I remembered that I met a friend I hadn't seen for many days in a tea restaurant, and the friend exclaimed how I was so edema. I realized how terrible my fleshy figure was.

In fact, before the fracture, I was a big boy for many years. In addition to the weight of 60KG in the first and second years of high school, I ate all kinds of food and drink in the third year of high school because of the college entrance examination. My weight fluctuated between 71-72kg during graduation and university. I am a big eater and it is well known among my friends. Later, in the autumn of 2009, I decided to start the Copenhagen diet. At that time, I graduated with half a year. My homework was not so tight. Before the use of Copenhagen weight loss method is 73KG, through 13 days of persistence, finally, after the success of weight loss is 64KG, in a month there is a normal rebound, so rebound 1KG, by the end of 2009, the weight is almost 65KG. Since 2010, due to various job interviews and internships, I remember that I was still learning to drive at that time, which was a lot of energy and pressure, so my food intake decreased. Starting with a daily bag of Daiwa enzyme in March, your weight will be around 62KG by June.

So you have not seen my own friends must not think I am a thin man! Know a ghost man professor, he said my normal weight is 63-65kg almost OK. In fact, I did not expect myself to be less than 50KG. Firstly, my skeleton is too big, which is not practical. Secondly, it requires perseverance and patience, so I don't have much confidence in myself.

Now that you have given me your personal information, let's get to the point. The principle of the Copenhagen diet is to consume insufficient amounts of sugar in three meals a day and then rely on the protein and fat in the meat to provide calories. The fewer carbs you eat, the more protein and fat your body burns. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I'm sure there's some sugar in my daily seasoning and a lot of sodium. Fermented, pickled foods contain too much sodium.

The Copenhagen Diet relies on changing your metabolism to lose weight. The whole process is 13 days, these 13 days will be more difficult, more need to make a big change in the previous eating habits, but stick to it, the effect is significant. Changing your diet alters your metabolism, so even if you can eat normally (but not overeat) for up to two years, the results can be sustained. After completing this weight loss program, you can lose (7 to 20) kilograms of weight (this varies from person to person in my opinion). If you really have any discomfort can immediately stop, everyone's acceptance is different, do not force yourself. If you do it after you stop it takes another six months. If you give up after only six days, you need to wait at least three months before you can start again. Even if the entire course is successful, it can take another half a year to start again.

Here's my diet according to the Copenhagen Law on Weight Loss:

Weight before weight loss: 71.5KG

Day 1: Breakfast: Herbal tea + 1 slice of wholemeal bread

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs

Dinner: cherry tomatoes plus a small slice of children's low-fat cheese

Day 2: Breakfast: Herbal tea + 1 slice of wholemeal bread

Lunch: lean ham 3 pieces, yogurt 190 grams (because it is a bottle I drank 2/3 of the appearance)

Dinner: Steak + Salad (in chain teng because of an appointment, two veal steaks no more than 200g, lettuce, and cucumber without any sauce) + black oolong tea

Day 3: Breakfast: Herbal tea + 1 slice of wholemeal bread

Lunch: lean ham 3 pieces + half pancake + less than half yogurt leftover from Day 2

Dinner: 6 beans +2 shrimp + chicken sandwich (I bought this in the supermarket after work, and then walked to the bus stop for about 25 minutes) and a small ball of jujube paste

Day 4: Breakfast: 1 slice of whole wheat bread

Lunch: 6 konjac kites + low-calorie Japanese Wakemono salad dressing + half a slice of whole wheat bread

Dinner: 1 boiled egg + 2 cherry tomatoes

Day 5: Breakfast: 1 slice of whole wheat bread

Lunch: roast beef (no more than 200 grams) + lettuce + black oolong tea this meal is to eat Korean food, because after several days of work and have to diet really can not stand, mix kelp also eat a small portion. But after lunch, it was about a 70-minute hike. That's about 300 calories.

Dinner: 1 slice wholemeal bread + 3 slices lean ham

I get up too late to eat

Lunch: 1 slice wholemeal bread + 3 slices lean ham

Dinner: stir-fried cabbage + a few potato chips

By day six, the weight was 68.5KG.

Day 7: Breakfast: 1 slice of whole wheat bread

Lunch: 1 slice wholemeal bread + 3 slices lean ham

Dinner: chives stir-fried dried beans + spareribs stew of small potatoes a few (did not eat spareribs) ate two small noodles and ate a jujube mud of the small hemp ball

These days, my daily calorie intake has been one-third of the usual amount or less. A normal adult's daily calorie intake is between 1800 and 2000 calories. I usually eat two meals out of this range. I used to eat, the morning is a set of pancake fruit + milk, or old tofu/crispy rice vegetables and fried dough sticks, then is baked cakes, tea, eggs, and soybean milk. Lunch is similar to the Yoshino family's double rice. Dinner at night means at least 1 bowl of rice and a lot of vegetables and meat. If you eat outside, you like to eat black pepper juice and stir-fried beef river. At every turn will eat a mandarin duck pot, fat cow shrimp slippery what, according to eat like this I am not fat who fat!

All of a sudden this is really not used to, but these days every day tangled, every day want to give up. Just think about what you've been through before. We can only stick to it. Friends and colleagues say I've lost weight, and the pants I bought from Uniqlo have a loose patch in my waist. Zara also bought looser tops. Only sleep not good, because hungry ah! Before I go to bed, I read popular reviews to relieve my cravings. The first week is really not adapt, so will eat some random snacks, but fortunately can control the amount, feel a little low blood sugar, or lack of energy to eat 2 banana slices. But it didn't affect anything. Feel according to eat like this, the effect of 3KG is still OK, I am also too agree to meet. However, I forgot to count the days, and I just remembered that I was about to start my MC. Recently, my lower abdomen is a little bloated, and I don't know if it will lead to the bottleneck of weight loss. Therefore, since Day 8, I have to cut all my diet in half. And recently pharyngitis rhinitis will make trouble again, appetite is not beautiful. Six more days!

As for the various ingredients that people are talking about, I think it's more difficult to get these things done in China. But it's basically OK. Breakfast and dinner on the same day are interchangeable. Steak, for example, can be cooked with lean sirloin cut into well-done strips or slices with a little olive oil. I buy supermarket low-fat yogurt, but it's not low in calories, so I've recently eliminated yogurt from my diet. I'll use hard-boiled eggs instead of fish. There's no problem with eating one or two. Black coffee? That's instant coffee without the accompaniments and sugar.

Besides, the reason why I don't drink black coffee is that coffee is easy to cause stomach fire, so it is better at BM. This recipe is supposed to create BM. So I drink some herbal tea. Today is the eighth day. Let's start with lemonade instead.

Then there is the shrinkage of my breasts. After Copenhagen, my size has shrunk a bit, but the CUP has not changed. Underwear is almost always 80D. I'm no Victoria's Secret type, but I'm a very Asian type. I don't know. I c

During the Copenhagen period, the complexion was slightly dull. After all, the nutritional intake of the VB group was not enough and the nutrition was not balanced. After all, fruits and vegetables were not always available at every meal. Another reason is that I have a strong sense of hunger at night, my father made a table of delicious food, my parents eat that is an incense, so I can only be very depressed drop watching the public comment. I was still hungry when I went to bed at night. After all, I was accustomed to eating and drinking too much.

Every day 2L of water, this for me such office workers pour or very appropriate, usually busy already can't remember to drink water. But during Copenhagen, every day will desperately drink water, because hungry ah! This can also fill a little water full ~ but feel the skin is more water embellish some, think about doing again good moisturizing, water in the body is not enough to use again expensive maintenance products are useless. In principle, every day should be 2L of water, but these years have not reached the standard, we must pay attention to the future!

I don't weigh on a Libra because I worry about my psychological burden. So just scale it once a week. There are still 6 days to go, and the mental goal is to lose 2.5-3kg. You don't immediately go back to your usual diet, and there are signals in your brain telling you that it's time to stop eating (especially when it comes to hemp balls and potatoes, and meat). The plan is that after the end of the rice class is estimated to quit, you know rice and meat is my big love! Breakfast with a glass of milk, whole wheat bread, protein and meat for lunch, and fruits and vegetables for dinner. I'm going to tweak it a little bit before I start the Dukan.

Recently, if I eat at home after dinner, I stand against a wall or a cupboard, and I stand there for 20 minutes, and I stretch my breasts, and I twist my waist. Do not sit down for half an hour after meals.

Again, the bigger the Copenhagen base, the more cuts. However, it should be implemented according to individual circumstances, such as the student stage. However, as an office worker like me is really limited in energy and physical strength, so a slight break of discipline is not undesirable, it is better than fainting on the ground. Personal feeling as long as adhere to a week, after a few days will be used to. Today is Day 8, 19:30 Beijing time, a Day to drink a lot of water, but only eat 2 pieces of whole wheat bread, today have no appetite......

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