Can you really lose weight by eating only one bun every day?

Core tips: weight loss is not easy, see if you can find a suitable method, as long as you find a suitable method for yourself, weight loss can be said to be very easy!

Today, I heard two girls chatting in the breakfast shop. One girl said that she had insisted on eating only one meal a day to lose weight, and this meal only had one steamed bun. She felt very weak after one day. She asked another girl if she could insist on losing weight for one month.

For this method, it is not recommended. Eat breakfast every day (a bun) will be thin, the ancients said: "only feed not fat thin, no hungry not thin fat.". Maybe you can lose a lot of weight in a week without a month, but the risk of losing weight is to understand: it may lead to low immunity, body swelling due to lack of nutrition, and how long can it last? If you can't stick to it, it will rebound very seriously.

People have evolved the "thrifty gene" since their ancestors. To keep energy in a state of starvation, for many people, after excessive starvation, the human body will produce memory and worry about the coming of starvation again. Therefore, it will constantly stimulate various functions in the body and make the body eat more food when there is food, which will lead to a rebound.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you must find the right way to understand why the body is obese?

Under the normal state, the energy consumed by the human body is equal to the energy consumed. At this time, the human body is in a state of balance, so people will neither get fat nor thin. However, if the energy consumed by the human body is greater than the energy consumed, the energy of the human body will be surplus, and the remaining energy will be converted into fat and stored in the body. With more and more fat in the human body, people will get fatter and fatter. On the contrary, if the energy consumed by the human body is less than the energy consumed, the human body will consume its own fat to pay for the extra energy consumed, and the human body will gradually become thinner.

If you want to lose weight, what should you do? Three magic weapons to lose weight: keep your mouth shut, keep your legs open, and take proper medicine.

1. Keep your mouth shut

Many people, especially the elderly, have some misunderstanding in the process of weight loss. They think that if they don't eat fatty food, they won't get fat. Therefore, they will eat a lot of starch food instead of rich in protein and fat. For such people, they may get fat more and more, and even cause a certain burden on the islets, which may eventually accelerate the occurrence of diabetes.

Controlling your mouth is not to say that you don't eat anything or eat a bun every day. This is the most radical answer to controlling your mouth. If you want to lose weight, you must maintain balanced nutrition, properly eat high-quality protein and a small amount of fat, and properly eat more cellulose high food, which can promote the excretion of food residues in the body, and maintain a certain amount of vegetables and fruits intake every day.

Finally, let's tell you a little secret. Eat three meals a day on time, and 70% of each meal is full. If you are hungry between meals, drink plenty of water, and you won't feel hungry again. Also, dinner should be no later than 8 o'clock every day. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner and don't eat anything. It's OK to bear the weight loss.

2. Step forward

Exercise is to consume energy, the more energy consumed, the greater the possibility of weight loss, and for people, exercise can not only lose weight but also shape, so exercise is very important in the process of weight loss.

3. The right drugs

For those who can't do both, they can only use the right drugs. How to choose drugs?

① It is guaranteed that the drugs approved by the State Food and Drug Administration and approved by the State Food and Drug Administration will be listed after phase I, phase II, phase III, and phase IV clinical trials. Therefore, when purchasing drugs, it is necessary to buy drugs with national drug approval.

② Choose the right products, everyone's physique is different, so for some people, the right weight loss products, for others is not applicable, so choose the right products is the best.

③ Don't eat it directly. On the Internet, you can reduce 10 carries a week, 20 carries a month and some XX tubes that directly harm your body. Believe me, fat people eat it all at once, and you need to lose weight little by little. 2-5 Jin per month is the best way to lose weight!

Weight loss is not easy, see if you can find a suitable method, as long as you find a suitable method, weight loss can be said to be very easy!

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