Amazing tips for fun weight loss

Core tip: there are many ways to lose weight, but there are some ways you may have never heard of, you looked at the later, will think: "so you can lose weight?" Today, I will take you to see a netizen's experience of losing weight! By the end of it, you'll be like, this is awesome!

Strange trick one, blow balloon: "every day blow 10, the package you work!" "It's very popular in Japan," Huang said. "Blowing balloons increases lung capacity, which is a good exercise for the abdominal muscles. One colleague has already shrunk his waist by an inch." I've never set foot in the etiquette shop downstairs before, but I've become a regular visitor to it to buy balloons!"

Weird move two, fierce drink vinegar: miss Huang every drink frown and spit tongue! However, Ms. Huang said, "I couldn't stand it so I went to the store to drink it." Ma Tai street has a "vinegar", there is modulation inside the "fruit vinegar", "lemon vinegar", said effect is the same, not only can reduce weight namely, still can eliminate constipation, prevention and cure a cold.

Weird trick three, wrap: miss Huang will call this "local method of reducing weight", arm, thigh, crus, dislikes where thick wrap to where wrap up a few. The plastic wrap is tight and airtight. After ten minutes, the parts tied up will sweat, and persistence will naturally thin the next circle. It is said that many of the plastic wrap sold in supermarkets have been repurposed as "beauty slimming products".

Strange trick four, stick the phone card: it is said that the theory of this practice is that the magnetic effect will pass through the skin to the human body, and then adjust the flow of blood or gas, if it is posted on the acupoint path, it will be more effective. Miss Huang said that after the phone card money used up, tens of thousands of cards to keep is also a comprehensive use of resources.

Five, fingers wrapped tape: with general medical tape wrapped in the finger knuckles on the acupoint, each finger acupoint is different, the position of weight loss is different, some thin face, some can thin ass. It is said that this is popular in Japan in the past two years. Who has no tape?

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