300 pound fat girl pole dance

 Core tip: a British fat girl who once weighed 300 pounds lost 90 pounds by jumping the steel pipe net. In the process of losing weight, she became more and more confident and encouraged more people to lose weight through pole dance videos.

A British fat girl, who once gained 300 pounds, has lost 90 pounds by pole dancing for two years. She also released a series of videos on Facebook to encourage people to lose weight and become popular on the Internet.

This sister, EDA, was actually thin. At its thinnest, she weighed 135 pounds. She has been fighting anorexia since adolescence. Every time she eats a few mouthfuls of food, she will have a strong sense of guilt.

Later, she found her husband. With his encouragement and help, her anorexia got better and she began to like eating.

However, a new problem came. She went from one extreme to another and became "too fond" of eating, especially all kinds of drinks and junk food. In addition, she didn't like sports. In five years, she quickly grew to 330 pounds(

In an interview, she admitted that she didn't accept the idea of "I'm getting fat" at first, and even refused to look in the mirror. Later, in order to lose weight, she started pole dancing. When she first stepped into the dance studio, there were mirrors all around her, which made her afraid to look directly at herself. She was very afraid, but she persisted for two years, slowly lost 100 pounds, and began to know how to dress.

Later, she became more and more confident and released her pole dance video online. More than 800000 hits.

Although some people sneer at her, she still gains a lot of encouragement and praise.

Meizi said that the reason why she summoned up the courage to disclose her pole dance video is that she hopes to help many people who are troubled by obesity like her to summon up courage and regain self-confidence in life. At the same time, she has been trying to lose weight. After two years of pole dancing, she has lost 100 pounds, and her ultimate goal is to lose another 60 pounds

Little knowledge: young girl to lose weight, please take care of your body

Anorexia nervosa (an) is a kind of eating disorder characterized by the fact that individuals intentionally cause and maintain their weight significantly lower than the normal standard (more than 15%) by means of diet.

Main features:

Strong fear of weight gain and obesity

Extremely concerned about weight and body shape, spend more than 3 hours every day thinking about weight loss

There should be at least one of the following items: ① avoid "food that leads to obesity"; ② self-induced vomiting; ③ self-induced defecation (taking diet pills, laxatives, etc.); ④ excessive exercise; ⑤ taking anorexia or diuretics, etc.

The harm of anorexia nervosa

Water electrolyte disorder (hypokalemia, hyponatremia, etc.) and acid-base imbalance (metabolic alkalosis);

Skinny, malnutrition, metabolic and endocrine disorders (such as amenorrhea);

Severe patients may suffer from cachexia, body failure, and life-threatening due to extreme malnutrition. 5% - 15% of patients eventually die of cardiac complications, multiple organ failure, secondary infection, suicide, and so on.

Ashley, an American girl, for example, only weighs 36 pounds because she has anorexia. ↓↓↓

Who is easy to get anorexia nervosa?

It is mainly seen in young women between 13 and 20 years old: the peak of incidence is between 13 and 14 years old and between 17 and 18 or 20 years old

It is rare after 30 years old. It is occasionally found in perimenopausal women. Anorexia nervosa is rare in men, accounting for only 5% - 10%.

Treatment of anorexia nervosa:

Most patients with anorexia nervosa can recover their normal diet through hospitalization, psychological counseling, family care, and active exercise. About 45% of the patients can recover without sequelae, while about 30% of the patients still have many symptoms, body shape, and weight problems after treatment. 5% - 15% of the patients eventually die of cardiac complications, multiple organ failure, secondary infection, respiratory tract infection, etc Suicide, etc. Patients with a short course of the disease and younger onset age are more likely to be cured.

Exercise makes you more confident

Scientific research has proved that exercise can promote physical and mental health at the same time, which is conducive to the prevention and treatment of depression, anorexia, and other mental diseases. Generally speaking, sports will make people's body image more slender, more bodybuilding; in addition, regular exercise, the physical ability will gradually enhance, this feeling can give people great encouragement, make people appear vigorous. So as to make people feel more confident and sunny psychologically.

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