16-year-old fat girl in UK is overweight and loses weight by dumping her boyfriend

 Core tip: a 16-year-old British woman weighs 240 poud. After being told that overweight will lead to a loss of life, she dumped her boyfriend and decided to lose weight. She put the food she ate on the Internet every day to let netizens supervise her to lose weight.

Introduction: many women are losing weight, whether it's diet, exercise, or taking weight-loss drugs, it can be said that it's painstaking, but often can't stick to it and end up in failure. Jess Semmens, an English woman, insisted. She took food photos on Instagram, a social networking site, and asked netizens to monitor her weight loss process. It's a very simple move that has worked for her in just two years!

Jess Semmens said on Instagram that when she was 15 years old, she was very heavy, about 180 pounds. After she had a boyfriend, she gained even more weight, reaching a terrible figure of 240 pounds. "I was panting when I walked," Jess said. Later, she went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor told her that overweight has a great impact on her health. If she doesn't lose weight, she may not live long. At this time, Jess realized the seriousness of the problem, left her boyfriend, and began to lose weight.

Jess to lose weight every day in Instagram drying their own food, let the netizen supervision

Jess also tried different weight loss methods at the beginning, such as sugar-free and low-calorie weight loss methods, downloading apps to control diet, and so on. In the end, they all failed. "These methods don't work, and soon I will lose motivation.".

Jess also encourages more people to live a healthy life on the Internet, insist on losing weight, and don't give up

Later, Jess simply put his food on Instagram to let netizens comment on and supervise him. Unexpectedly, many netizens encouraged her, and some gave better and more professional weight loss suggestions. "If you don't stick to it, you will not only let yourself down but also let the netizens who follow me down.". With this motivation, she lost 114 poud in two years and became a beautiful and sexy beauty. She uploaded the comparison before and after her weight loss on instagram, and continued to share the food she ate every day, encouraging more overweight people not to give up and lose weight healthily.

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