How to shape your hips

 Heart tips: every day, sitting in the office for a long time, how can you have buttocks, and so on small editor teach you how to lift buttocks effect is good, let you quickly become sexy electric buttocks, become a girl loved by everyone.

If you want to look beautiful, you have to have buttocks first. Don't think it's so difficult to lift your buttocks. I'll give you some advice. I'll teach you how to lift your hips. It'll help you create charming hips.

How to raise buttock effect good one: stretch leg method

In fact, it's not difficult to lift your hips at all. You just need to stretch your legs. However, if you really want to lift your hips, you can't stretch your legs! The correct thin hip movement is as follows: kneel on the ground, lower the upper body, press both hands on the ground, and form a 90 ° angle with the body. Raise your right leg up, and do about 20 times to change your left leg.

How to raise buttock effect is good 2: squat method

Squatting is a very common movement of thin buttocks and thighs. Squat is very simple, just spread your feet a little wider than your shoulders, and then clasp your hands together. Keep your body straight and squat down. Repeat this action for 20 minutes a day for about a week.

How to raise buttock effect good 3: sedentary

Some people sit for a long time because they are lazy, while some people sit because of the situation, such as white-collar workers. White collar people often sit for a whole day. As time goes by, small buttocks become luxurious buttocks. Although we have to sit and work all the time, we should always stand up and walk.

If you can't do regular exercise, you should stand up and take two steps every hour or so. You can go to the bathroom, or you can pour yourself a cup of water in the tea room. By the way, you can press the buttocks acupoints to promote the circulation of Qi and blood in the buttocks, so as to prevent the production of luxury buttocks.

How to raise buttock effect good 4: cross two legs

A lot of people like to cross their legs, whether it's male or female. Maybe you're sitting in your chair, with your legs up, reading this article. No matter where it is, if you cross your legs all day long, it will seriously hinder the blood and lymph circulation of the legs, leading to lower body edema.

If you do not do leg care, it will cause varicose veins, seriously affecting the lower half of the body's blood circulation. After taking a bath every day, massage the legs and buttocks with body massage Essential oil. This can alleviate the lower body edema, prevent fat accumulation in the lower body.

How to raise buttock effect 5: raise buttock in military posture

It is relatively simple to lift the buttocks in this way. You just need to stand like a standing army posture, then raise your head and chest, put your hands on your waist, keep your eyes on the front, and then bend your knees slightly, lift your left foot, and then straighten your toes, gently point the ground, persist for about 30 seconds, and then restore your body.

Change another leg to continue to repeat the above exercise, this exercise to be carried out about five times a day, can make the buttocks muscle become tight, so as to achieve the purpose of hip lifting.

How to raise buttock effect good 6: raise buttock exercise

First sit on the ground, and then legs together, even, eyes to look ahead, and then hands crossed, placed in front of the chest, use the strength of the hip to move forward, walk in groups of ten steps.

After finishing a group of exercises, you can have a little rest for a while, then practice three groups of functions every day, and finally massage the legs properly after returning to the original state, which can play a role in preventing varicose

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