Why does weight loss rebound? These four kinds of weight loss people are most likely to "step on thunder", I hope without you

 Talking about weight loss, the most difficult thing is not how to lose weight, but how hard it is to lose meat. However, after a few days of relaxation, the meat immediately rises, which makes people feel helpless. Why? The following small make-up and you talk about why rebound and how to prevent the rebound method, hope to help you!

Why does weight loss rebound? These four kinds of weight loss people are most likely to "step on thunder", I hope without you

1. Dieters

Although the effect of this method is good, but it is the least desirable, such a diet weight loss way is the water in the body, the effect on fat is negligible, and will reduce the body's immunity and resistance, this is not to lose weight at all, but harm the body.

2. Those who did not adhere to the weight loss cycle

Weight loss requires determination and perseverance, which is because becoming thin is not a short time to do things, after all, fat is not a day to eat out. There is a standard weight loss cycle, that is, 3-6 months. After this period of time, fat cells are updated, so this is why some people can't adhere to 6 months and lose weight. Encounter this kind of situation, a lot of friends gave up, began to overeat, weight loss effect.

3. Drug abusers who lose weight quickly

Many women want to achieve the effect of rapid weight loss through drugs, which is very undesirable. First of all, the principle of weight loss pills is nothing more than enhancing energy consumption and hindering digestion and absorption. Some diet pills also contain hormone components. Long term consumption of diet pills can reduce the weight to a certain extent, but the weight loss drugs only reduce the water content in our body, and the fat is still stubborn In the body, some people after taking weight loss drugs, will produce anorexia.

4. "One off" weight loss

To lose weight, we should first change our living habits and ensure the health of our lifestyle. Many people begin to overeat and indulge in their own state after seeing the signs of victory in the early stage of weight loss, which leads to the rebound of the body. Then the effect of weight loss is ultimately a failure.

How to lose weight most effectively? A neglected movement of burning fat, burning fat and shaping

As the saying goes: if you want to be thin, keep your mouth shut and open your legs, exercise plays an important role in reducing body weight and reducing fat. Choosing the right exercise can make the effect of reducing fat twice with half the effort, but wrong exercise can't help. The following is a small series of recommended sports for you, which is burning fat and shaping. Many female stars have a special love for it. It is pilates. Its main actions are as follows:

1. Arm lifting

Keep the body upright, only use the strength of the arm to lift the thruster. Inhale when lifting and exhale from the bottom. This action is recommended for 3 groups every day, 35 times in each group.

2. Supine lifting exercise

Keep the legs still, roll up the upper body with the strength of waist and abdomen, hold the stretcher tightly when the lower part of the body, and then use the strength of the waist and abdomen downward. Due to the resistance of the stretcher, it can reduce the waist and abdomen in both directions, and the effect is better. This action is recommended to 3 groups every day, 35 times in each group.

3. Leg lift

Keep the upper body still, use leg strength to lift and pull the thruster, and achieve the effect of burning leg fat through the resistance of the stretcher. This action is recommended to be 3 groups per day, 35 times in each group.

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