What to eat to lose weight what to lose weight not to eat

 In daily life, many people will lose weight, but they don't know what problems need to be paid attention to during weight loss, such as what can be eaten and what can't be eaten. Then we need to know what to eat to lose weight? Eat more tomatoes, celery, milk and so on. What food is not suitable for weight loss? What should we pay attention to during weight loss? Let's have a look at it.

What to eat to lose weight what to lose weight not to eat

1. Honey: drink honey to lose weight is to have certain fastidious, flush adjust honey water temperature not to exceed 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise the nutrition inside honey all can disappear. 40 degrees of warm water brewing honey weight loss effect is the best, morning to develop a cup of honey water habits can play a Runchang catharsis effect.

2. Celery: a large celery contains about 4-5 calories, but chewing it requires 5-8 calories, and entering the stomach needs about 5-5 calories

3. White radish: white radish has the function of thin thigh, and thigh is the place where the human body stores energy, so it is easy to lead to fat accumulation. So if you want to lose your thighs, eat more radishes.

4. Milk: the nutritional value of milk is very high, in the morning to develop the habit of drinking milk, not only can meet the heat demand of breakfast, but also can strengthen the body's absorption of calcium, which has a significant effect on weight loss.

5. Tomato: tomato is rich in food fiber, which can absorb the excess fat in the intestine, and excrete the fat and toxin from the body. Eating a tomato before meals can effectively prevent the fat from being absorbed by the intestine, so that you don't have to worry about a small belly any more.

What not to eat to lose weight

1. Cold noodles are not suitable for weight loss

Cold noodles, which are quite refreshing, are often regarded as low calorie food. Strictly speaking, the heat of cold noodles is not low, especially the most important sauce and noodles themselves, which affect the heat of cold noodles. Zheng Yafen said that in terms of noodles, using whole wheat flour will have lower calories than oil noodles, but noodles themselves are still starch, so eating too much is still worrying about high calories. In addition, if you use sesame sauce, chili oil and other high oil content sauce, the heat will be very high.

2. Diet is not suitable for soda biscuits

Soda biscuits with simple appearance are most often used by weight-loss people as an alternative snack for afternoon tea. However, soda biscuits are not lower in calories than other biscuits because of their simple taste. Soda biscuits need to worry about is that the fat content is relatively high. For soda biscuits sold on the market, the fat content ranges from 30% to 50%. The fat content also affects the calories of soda biscuits. Before purchasing, you may as well take a look at the food label on the outer box, which will indicate the fat content. However, no matter what kind of soda biscuits are, experts remind the biscuits sold on the market are high in oil and sugar, and it is not recommended to eat too much.

3. Potato chips are not suitable for weight loss

Potato chips crispy and delicious, can always arouse people's appetite, want to stop can not stop, extremely addictive, it is best not to buy these things at home. It's too high in calories, high-fat snacks, it's very easy to eat two packets, but you're equivalent to eating 20g of fat.

4. Coffee is not suitable for weight loss

Coffee cream coffee cream coffee cream is a small and rich complementary food, only a few drops at a time can make your coffee more delicious. It is recommended to try more healthy coffee partners, such as almond milk, low-fat or skim milk.

5. Weight loss should not eat frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt if you're a fan of yogurt, try not to bring it home to refrigerate. If there is an energy in the fridge and you eat it after meals every day, your stomach will come out. In fact, a frozen yogurt contains 25g of sugar, more than the 20g required every day.

Notes during weight loss

1. Try not to eat any fried food or greasy food.

2. Eat more than 1 jin of vegetables cooked with less oil every day, and more green leafy vegetables are better.

3. When cooking, put less oil properly. Make one or two delicious cold dishes and steamed dishes for each meal.

4. Full breakfast, 70% at noon and 50% at night. In addition to fruit and small cups of yogurt, no snacks between meals.

5. The main food materials are more abundant, and try to eat less white rice and flour. It's better to replace rice with coarse cereals and bean porridge for dinner.

6. Drink a large glass of water or light tea 20 minutes before the meal, do not drink sweet drinks, try not to eat snacks and desserts. Refuse any alcohol unless you have to.

7. Try not to eat oily staple food, such as dumplings, pancakes, pancakes, thousand layer cakes, fried rice and so on. If you must eat this kind of food, eat it at breakfast

8. Eggs, milk, fish and shrimp, beef, chicken, bean products, etc. can be eaten to avoid protein deficiency. However, steaming, stewing, white boiling and stewing should be used to reduce the amount of cooking oil.

Conclusion: in life, if we need to lose weight friends attention, the above is small

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