What harm does obesity bring?

 1. Obesity is easy to cause infertility. Obesity not only makes women lose body beauty, but also brings some troubles, such as metabolic disorders and menstrual disorders. Some of them will be infertile. The study found that the incidence of abnormal menstruation in obese women is more than twice that in non obese women. From this point alone, it is suggested that obesity can lead to infertility.

 2. Obesity is easy to cause psychological disorders. People all have a love for beauty. Because of their overweight body shape, obese people tend to have a series of psychological problems such as inferiority complex, anxiety and even depression.

3. The risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer increased three times in obese women and seven times in endometrial cancer. The risk of colon and prostate cancer in obese men was also significantly increased. And as long as obese people, both men and women are more likely to suffer from colon and rectal cancer. The more severe the obesity, the higher the prevalence of these cancers.

4. Increase the probability of suffering from hypertension. According to research, the proportion of obese people suffering from hypertension is up to 20% - 50%, which is much more than that of ordinary people. Moreover, with the increase of obesity, this ratio will increase exponentially. The incidence rate of hypertension in severely obese people is even higher than 50%.

5. The patients with abnormal blood lipid, especially those with abdominal obesity, are more likely to have hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, abnormal increase of low density lipoprotein and very low density lipoprotein, and decrease of high density lipoprotein.

6. It is easy to induce diabetes, obesity is associated with insulin resistance, and high insulin level in the body can promote fat accumulation, such a vicious circle, obesity becomes a very difficult problem to control. About one-third of the adult type diabetes patients are obese. The upper body obese people are prone to diabetes. The waist circumference ratio of obese people is directly proportional to the prevalence of diabetes.

7. About half of the patients with fatty liver obesity suffer from mild fatty liver, especially those with abdominal obesity have more chances to develop fatty liver. Due to the long-term diet of high-fat food, the balance between the synthesis and transport of triglycerides in obese people is out of balance. The rate of triglyceride synthesis in the liver greatly exceeds its ability to transport out of the liver, resulting in the accumulation of triglycerides in the liver and fatty liver.

8. Obesity can increase the burden of the heart and cause heart damage. When the heart is overloaded, it can no longer pump blood effectively, resulting in blood accumulation in the cardiovascular system, and even severe heart failure.

9. It is easy to cause motor system diseases. The excessive weight gain of obese people is an additional burden on the skeletal and joint motor systems, especially on the spine and lower limbs. Bones, joints and other tissues support excessive weight for a long time, just like carrying extra things every day. As time goes by, it is bound to lead to arthritis, muscle strain or spinal nerve root compression.

10. Obesity is not only excess fat in the body, but also the lack of some nutrients. Such as many obese children, the body is often accompanied by iron, calcium and other trace elements deficiency, resulting in iron deficiency anemia, chondropathy and other nutritional deficiency diseases.

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